Book TV, Radio, Print Appearances



Julian Vasquez Heilig has been cited by the New York Times, Washington Post, Associated Press, USAToday, Education Week, Huffington Post and many other print and electronic media outlets. Selected examples include: Austin American Statesman ‌• Austin Chronicle ‌• Bloomberg ‌• Daily Texan • Dallas Morning News • Diverse Issues in Higher Education • Diversity in Education • Education Week • El Paso Times • Galveston Daily News • Houston Chronicle • Huffington Post • Kansas City Star • Mother Jones• New York Times • San Antonio Express-News • Tampa Bay Times • Texas Tribune • Texas Observer • The American Prospect • The Nation • The Monitor • USAToday • Victoria Advocate • Washington Post

He has also authored articles in publications such as The Progressive Magazine, The Conversation, Capitol and Main, Education Week, and Education Votes.



He has also appeared on local and national TV including PBS, NBC, NBCLatino, NPR, Univision, Al Jazeera and MSNBC and many other television outlets. Highlights include: MSNBC, Melissa Harris-Perry Show • Al Jazeera, The Stream • Al Jazeera, America Tonight • Univision 62 • KXAN NBC • KLRU PBS • WEAN TV News 8 • NBC Latino • Louisiana Public Broadcasting PBS



Julian Vasquez Heilig has regularly joined local and national radio shows including NPR’s LatinoUSA, Jeff Santos Show, Kathleen Dunn Show, and the Rick Smith Show and many other radio outlets. Selected examples include: KVOI 1030 • Rick Smith Show • KOOP 91.7, Rag Radio  • WUFC 1510, Jeff Santos Show  • KUT 90.5  • KUHF 88.7  • KURO 97.3  • KAZI 88.7, Zumbi  • Wisconsin Public Radio, Kathleen Dunn Show • NPR, LatinoUSA  • NPR, Cambridge Forum


Julian Vasquez Heilig also hosts an education policy podcast with Dr. Jameson Brewer entitled Truth For America. The podcast is available on iTunes, YouTube and Google Play.

To interview Julian Vasquez Heilig contact him at



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