More: Obama facing school “turnaround” civil rights complaints

In case you wondering the genesis of Wednedays’s quote… my favorite critical barracker on Linkedin had this to say about Cloaking Inequity’s last turnaround post:

I find your headlines and general approaches for displaying issues a bit too disingenuous and misleading and superficial. The least you can do, in this case, is describe “turn-around schools” in the context of prevailing legislation and regulation and school level implementation. Having done that, you might then discuss the issues that the litigants have put forth. And, while you’re at it, you might want to discuss how it is that “minorities” are the student subgroup(s) being negatively impacted. Having discussed all of that, you might then present your case because your case is so obtusely laid out as to make it sound like your shoulder chip is in full view.

The critical barracker happens to work at the U.S. Dept of Ed… My response on Linkedin:

If you are interested in how they perceive their communities being negatively impacted, why don’t you read their Title VI complaints? I included five, there are 18 in total. That would easily answer your question.

Well, the media also had quite a bit to say about the recent Journey for Justice hearing at the U.S. Department of Education regarding the Title VI complaints in D.C.

Here is a sample of links to media of all types:


Huffington Post


New York Times

Rock FM 103

The Nation


Diane Ravitch

Washington Post

Right Now

One of the members of Journey for Justice related via email:

It was amazing to hear the same stories told by students, parents and community members from city after city. We are building an alliance across this country of people concerned about the violation of our civil rights with school closures affecting communities of color. While we had many urban centers represented, Houston and Dallas was [sic] noticeably missing. I think only one person or two was from Los Angeles. We will be reaching out to other cities to join the alliance as we organize beyond yesterday.

I have sinking feeling the U.S. Department of Education isn’t really listening.

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