Los Chistes: “Say Hello to My Little Friend”

To add a little humor to the education and public policy debate, Cloaking Inequity features a series entitled Los Chistes (Also check out The Teat, which examines where various school “reformers” derive their funding).

Proposed Texas Campus Carry Bill

Who needs students when the Texas Legislature can legislate a pile of guns into my classroom?


You better finish that statistics final on time or else!


Is that an assault rifle, or are you just happy to see me in office hours today?


Life as a professor would be impossible without my pile of assault rifles by my side while grading homework on campus.


Say Hello to Dr. Montana, he is guest lecturing today.

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One comment

  • Monty J. Thornburg

    Ha ha! When Native Americans (Alcatraz 69′, South Dakota) and Black Panthers (Oakland, 68′) exercised their constitutional rights, 1st and 2nd Amendments! -I’m not talking about a legally restricted areas- “white society” freaked out! See previous post! As to the Tx legislature and Rick Perry with his “N” word with “Head” attached sign, at his TX hunting ranch, I hope they only use sportsman’s weapons. But, given the pea sized brains who knows? Oh no! Don’t be confused, it’s not the bird brains at Perry’s hunting ranch that I’m talking about!


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