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US ED Secretary Betsy DeVos Lampooned on Late Night TV

I’ve gathered the late night humor about Betsy DeVos. Enjoy. Betsy DeVos Has a Lot of Learning to Do via @comedycentral — JulianVasquezHeilig (@ProfessorJVH) March 17, 2018 Conan, Betsy DeVos and Stormy Daniels Are Equally Qualified To Be Education Secretary via @thr — JulianVasquezHeilig (@ProfessorJVH) March 17, 2018 Advertisements

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Friday Fun: DI’s Education Caption Entry Activity

How about a little education humor? A few months ago Scott McLeod posted a caption contest on Dangerously Irrelevant. Here are my entries. Feel free to include your own entries for Captions 1-12 in the comments. Caption 1: Taking the test to test for the test. See Walking Away From High Stakes Tests, A Noble Lie Caption 2: Finally! My school voucher came

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Los Chistes: @ArneDuncan Explodes the Public Education “Struggle Bus”

It has been awhile since Cloaking Inequity featured the humorous Breaking News comics. So today Cloaking Inequity adds a little bit of levity to the great debates about educational policy at the expense of Arne Duncan, US Secretary of Education. Students at the engineering school at The University of Pennsylvania created an interactive “struggle bus website” to help you vent. I

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Julian Vasquez Heilig is leaving The University of Texas at Austin

I want to thank everyone at the University of Texas at Austin for a wonderful past 9 years. Unfortunately, I am moving on to a new opportunity. I want to share the following release from the Alpena Press: The University of Michigan Alpena has hired Julian Vasquez Heilig to be its new athletic director, according to President John Woodson, and a statement released

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Los Chistes: Party with Teach (Drink/Sleep) For America

Drink For America (DFA). Two free drinks to start and “learn” about the “Achievement” School District (ASD is modeled on Louisiana’s approach— see LA and the Recovery School District approach (SB1718): A P.T. Barnum Circus) Helps to explain the TFA alums stories about the alternative moniker Sleep for America (SFA)!?. 🙂 The party is BYOFWOT=Bring Your Own FIVE WEEKS OF TRAINING. Los

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Breaking News: Tony Bennett’s job offers

On Monday Cloaking Inequity discussed “Oh, crap”: Accountability is Arbitrary and Political. So how about a Breaking News comic to start the weekend? What are Tony Bennet’s current job offers? Considering his smashing success in all that he does. Please Facebook Like, Tweet, etc below and/or reblog to share this discussion with others. Want to know about Cloaking Inequity’s freshly pressed conversations

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