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California Just Banned For-Profit Charter Schools. Why?

California just banned for-profit charter schools. Existing California law, the Charter Schools Act of 1992, authorizes charter schools to elect to operate as a nonprofit public benefit corporation. However, despite the original legal and policy vision for non-profit schools, thousands of students are now enrolled in charters controlled by for-profit corporations. Currently in California, according to the Assembly Education Committee, for-profit corporations operate schools that serve

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Breaking: Governor Brown signing AB 406, banning for-profit charter schools in CA

There was some debate whether Jerry Brown would sign the legislation. The following is a statement from CFT President Joshua Pechthalt on California Governor Jerry Brown signing AB 406: AB 406 was sponsored by the California Federation of Teachers and authored by Assemblymember Kevin McCarty (AD-7) and co-authored by Assemblymember Tony Thurmond (AD-15). “The education of our children should not

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Brett Kavanaugh is RADICAL and WRONG! @SenBooker says “BRING IT!”

This guy Kavanaugh doesn’t even cloak his beliefs about inequity. In the documents released by @SenBooker today, Brett Kavanaugh wrote that the “desire to remedy societal discrimination” in our society was not a “compelling interest” of the government. This guy is radical and wrong. You can see the rest of the documents the Republicans did not want you to see

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How to Make New Orleans Market Ed Reform a Success: Hide RSD Failure Inside an OPSB-RSD Data Blend.

How to Make New Orleans Market Ed Reform a Success: Hide RSD Failure Inside an OPSB-RSD Data Blend. — Read on

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Attention, David Leonhardt: To Learn the Real Story about Reform in New Orleans, Interview BOTH Sides

Originally posted on Diane Ravitch's blog:
David Leonhardt writes for the New York Times. In today’s newspaper, he writes about the miraculous results of the charter takeover of New Orleans. Leonhardt bought every phony claim made by the charter industry because he did not interview any critics. This is not good journalism. He did not interview Mercedes Schneider, the…

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The latest cash grab : Teacher/charter school villages

Originally posted on Seattle Education:
? TFA recognizes the value of the Centers concept and has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Seawall Development Company to replicate the Centers for Educational Excellence model across the country. Philadelphia, along with Washington, D.C. and New Orleans, is a TFA-identified growth area, and TFA has committed to being the lead commercial tenant in…

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Review: The History of Institutional Racism in U.S. Public Schools

  Susan DuFresne recently contacted me and asked for a review of her new book The History of Institutional Racism in U.S. Public Schools. I relayed that I have already committed to 9 manuscripts (6.5 are finished) this year plus I owe Teacher College Press a book prospectus. So I asked Theresa G. Reed, one of California State University Sacramento’s most talented

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