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Healing Ceremony: Honoring the victims & survivors in Uvalde

This email came from Professor Angela Valenzuela: Hope all are doing well in this difficult time that is so incredibly heartbreaking and profoundly enraging. These sentiments are widely shared by our community here in Texas as they must be everywhere. My partner, Emilio and I, made it to Uvalde this past weekend and returned feeling really moved to thought and

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Education is a Civil Right

Education is a Civil Right and we encourage all of you to register for our 2nd Virtual Education and Civil Rights Conference- April 7-9. We offer free registration thanks to the generous support of WesBanco. You can find the registration link here. Please share. Please Facebook Like, Tweet, etc below and/or reblog to share this discussion with others. Check out

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You Care. And it shows!

There’s something about people who are motivated to make the world better. People like you. As you watch this video, you’ll see it – an inner glow that illuminates the faces of people from across the University of Kentucky College of Education. Whether the faces belong to aspiring educators, like Hailey Wells, whose voice and piano music you hear throughout this

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Bunkered in Basement and How You Can Help Tornado Victims

Two nights ago I was bunkered in my basement as tornado watches and warnings rolled through Kentucky. Fortunately the nearest known tornado was 30 miles away. Our community’s first reaction was shock and horror as we struggled to grasp the swath of destruction left by the early Saturday morning extreme weather. This was swiftly overtaken by echos of one question:

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