Professional Publications

First and Single Authored Articles in Professional Journals (*Refereed/Peer-reviewed)

Vasquez Heilig. J & Brewer, J (in press). Purposefully Inserting Academic Scholarship via Social Media into the Public Discourse, Thresholds in Education, XX(XX), XX-XX.*

Vasquez Heilig. J., Brewer, J., Kim, A. & Sanchez, M. (submitted) A Digital Ethnography of Teach For America: Analysis of the Truth For America Podcast, Education Policy Analysis Archives, XX(XX), XX-XX.*

Vasquez Heilig. J., Brewer, J. & Pedraza, J (submitted). Examining the Myth of Accountability, High Stakes Testing and the Achievement Gap, Journal of Family Strengths, XX(XX), XX-XX.

Vasquez Heilig, J. & Clark, B. (2018). New Insights and Directions: Considering the Impact of Charter School Attributes on Communities of Color, Journal of Transformative Leadership and Policy Studies, 7(1), 3-9.*

Vasquez Heilig, J., Romero, L. & Hopkins, M. (2017). Coign of vantage and action: Considering California’ local accountability and school finance plans for English learners, Education Policy Analysis Archives, 25(15), 1-24.*

Vasquez Heilig, J., Ward, D.R., Weisman, E. & Cole, H. (2015). Community-based school finance and accountability: A new era for local control in education policy? Urban Education, 49(8), 871-894.* doi: 10.11770/0042085914557647

Vasquez Heilig, J. (2013). Reframing the refrain: Choice as a Civil Rights issue. Texas Education Review. 1(1), 83-94.

Vasquez Heilig J. & Holme, J. (2013). Nearly 50 years post-Jim Crow: Persisting and expansive school segregation for African American, Latina/o and ELL students in Texas. Education and Urban Society, 45(5), 609-632.*

doi: 10.1177/0013124513486289

Vasquez Heilig, J., Brown, K. & Brown, A. (2012). The illusion of inclusion: Race and standards. Harvard Educational Review, 83(3), 403-424.*

Vasquez Heilig, J., Young, M. & Williams, A. (2012). At-risk student averse: Risk management and accountability. Journal of Educational Administration, 50(5), 562-585.*

Vasquez Heilig, J. (2011). As good as advertised?: Tracking urban student progress through high school in an environment of accountability. American Secondary Education, 39(3), 17-41.*

Vasquez Heilig, J. (2011). Understanding the interaction between high-stakes graduation tests and English language learners. Teachers College Record, 113(12), 2633–2669.*

Vasquez Heilig, J., Dietz, L. & Volonnino, M. (2011). From Jim Crow to the Top 10% Plan: A historical analysis of Latina/o access to a selective flagship university. Enrollment Management Journal: Student Access, Finance, and Success in Higher Education, 5(3), 83-109.*

Vasquez Heilig, J., Reddick, R., Hamilton, C. & Dietz, L. (2011). Actuating equity?: Historical and contemporary analyses of African American access to selective higher education from Sweatt to the Top 10% Law. Harvard Journal of African American Public Policy, 27(1), 11-27.*

Vasquez Heilig, J., Rodriguez, C., & Somers, P. (2011). Immigrant DREAMs: The Texas 10% admissions plan, ELL student college choice and academic successJournal of Latinos and Education, 10(2), 106-126.*

Vasquez Heilig, J., Williams, A., McNeil, L & Lee, C. (2011). Is choice a panacea? An analysis of black secondary student attrition from KIPP, other private charters and urban districts. Berkeley Review of Education, 2(2), 153-178.*

Vasquez Heilig, J., Cole, H. & Aguilar, A. (2010). From Dewey to No Child Left Behind: The evolution and devolution of public arts educationArts Education Policy Review, 111(4), 136-145.*

Vasquez Heilig, J., Williams, A. & Jez, S. (2010). Inputs and student achievement: An analysis of Latina/o-serving urban elementary schoolsAssociation of Mexican American Educators Journal, 10(1), 48-58.*

Vasquez Heilig, J. & Darling-Hammond, L. (2008). Accountability Texas-style: The progress and learning of urban minority students in a high-stakes testing context. Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis. 30(2), 75-110.*

Co-authored Articles in Professional Journals (*Refereed/Peer-reviewed)

Portales, J., & Vasquez Heilig, J. (2015). Understanding universal vouchers and urban public schools in Santiago de Chile: Educational administrators’ responses to choice. Multidisciplinary Journal of Educational Research, 5(2), 194-237.*

Horsford, S. & Vasquez Heilig, J. (2014). Community-based education reform in urban contexts: Implications for leadership, policy, and accountability, Urban Education, 49(8), 1-4.* doi: 10.1177/0042085914557647

Pazey, B., Vasquez Heilig, J., Cole, H. & Sumbera, M. (2014). The more things change, the more they stay the same: Comparing Special Education students’ experiences of accountability reform across two decades Urban Review, 47(3), 365-392.* doi:10.1007/s11256-014-0312-7

Portales, J. & Vasquez-Heilig, J. (2014). Understanding how universal vouchers have impacted urban school districts’ enrollment in Chile. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 22(68). Retrieved from*

Hamilton, M., Vasquez Heilig, J. &   Pazey, B. (2013). A nostrum of school reform?: Turning around reconstituted urban Texas high schools. Urban Education, 20(10), 1-34.* doi:10.1177/0042085913475636

López, F., Vasquez Heilig, J. & Schram, J. (2013). A story within a story: Culturally Responsive Schooling and American Indian and Alaska Native achievement in the National Indian Education Study, American Journal of Education, 119(4), 513-538.*

Holme, J. & Vasquez Heilig, J. (2012). High stakes decisions: The legal landscape of gatekeeping exit exams and the implications for schools and leaders. Journal of School Leadership, 22(6), 1177-1197.*

Reddick, R. & Vasquez Heilig, J. (2012). The current and dire state of African American male crime and education in the Central Southwest: Are mentoring constellations a promising strategy? Journal of African American Males in Education, 3(1), 29-46.*

Gururaj, S., Vasquez Heilig, J., & Somers, P. (2010). Graduate student persistence: A meta-analysis of evidence from three decades. Journal of Student Financial Aid, 40(1), 31-46.*

McNeil, L. M., Coppola, E., Radigan, J., & Vasquez Heilig, J. (2008). Avoidable losses: High-stakes accountability and the dropout crisisEducation Policy Analysis Archives, 16(3). Retrieved from*

Valenzuela, A., Fuller, E., & Vasquez Heilig, J. (2006). The disappearance of high school English language learners from Texas high schoolsWilliams Review, 1(1), 166-200.*

Darling-Hammond, L., Holtzman, D. J., Gatlin, S. J., & Vasquez Heilig, J. (2005). Does teacher preparation matter? Evidence about teacher certification, Teach for America, and teacher effectiveness. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 13(42). Retrieved from*

First and Co-authored Articles in Law Reviews

Vasquez Heilig, J., Nelson, S., & Kronzer, M. (in press). Does the African American Need Separate Charter Schools? Law & Inequality: A Journal of Theory and Practice, 36(2), 1-21.

Vasquez Heilig, J. Holme, J., LeClair, A. V., Redd, L., & Ward, D. (2016). Separate and unequal?: The problematic segregation of special populations in charter schools relative to traditional public schools. Stanford Law & Policy Review, 27(2), 251-293.

Richards, M., Stroub, K., Vasquez Heilig, J. & Volonnino, M. (2012). Achieving diversity in the Parents Involved era: Evidence for geographic integration plans in metropolitan school districts. Berkeley Journal of African-American Law & Policy, 14(1), 65-94.

Cole, H. & Vasquez Heilig, J. (2011). Developing a school-based youth court: A potential alternative to the school to prison pipeline. Journal of Law and Education, 4(2), 1-17.

Vasquez Heilig, J., Cole, H. & Springel, M. (2011). Alternative certification and Teach For America: The search for high quality teachers. Kansas Journal of Law and Public Policy, 20(3), 388-412.

Book Chapters

Muñoz, C. Vasquez Heilig, J & Del Real, M. (in press) A Critical Race Theory (CRT) Analysis of Minoritized Greek Organization Participation and Alliance with Teach For America. In K. Gillion, C. Beatty, & C. Salinas (Eds.), New Directions for Student Affairs: Critical considerations of race, ethnicity, and culture in fraternity/sorority life, (XX-XX) San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Publishing.

Vasquez Heilig, J,. Brewer, T.J. & White, T. (2018). What Instead?: Reframing the debate about charter schools, Teach For America, and testing. In R. Ahlquist, P. Gorski and T. Montano (Eds.), Assault on Kids and Teachers: Countering privatization, deficit ideologies and standardization of U.S. schools, (pp. 201-217) New York: Peter Lang.

Vasquez Heilig, J., Marachi, R., & Cruz, D. (2016). Mismatched Assumptions: Motivation, Grit, and High-Stakes Testing. In S. Nichols (Ed.), Educational Policies and Youth in the 21st Century: Problems, Potential, and Progress, (pp. 145-157).  Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.

Vasquez Heilig, J,. Lopez, F., & Torre, D. (2014). Examining teacher quality, educational policy and English Learners in Latina/o growth states. In S. Horsford and C. Wilson (Eds.), Advancing Equity and Achievement in America’s Diverse Schools, (pp. 41-56) New York: Routledge.

Rodríguez, A. A., Vasquez Heilig, J. & Prochnow, A. (2014). Higher education, the G.I. Bill, and the post-war lives of WWII Latino veterans and their families. In M. Rivas-Rodriguez & B. Olguin (Eds.), Latina/os & World War II: Mobility, agency and ideology, Austin: University of Texas Press.

Brown, A.L., Vasquez Heilig, J. & Brown, K. D. (2013). From Segregated, to Integrated, to Narrowed Knowledge: Curriculum Revision for African Americans, From Pre-Brown to the Present. In J. K. Donnor and A. D. Dixson (Eds.), The resegregation of schools: Race and education in the twenty-first century, (27-43) New York: Routledge.

Reddick, R. J., Heilig, J. V., & Valdez, P. L. (2012). Bridging a Black-Brown divide: Black male students at Hispanic-serving institutions In A. A. Hilton, J. L. Wood, & C. W. Lewis (Eds.), Black males in postsecondary education: Examining their experiences in diverse institutional contexts, (pp. 183-208). Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.


Cole, H., Vasquez Heilig, J., Fernandez, T., Clifford, M., & Garcia, R. (2015). Social Justice in action: Urban school leaders address the school to prison pipeline via a youth court. In M. Khalifa, C. Grant, N.W. Arnold and A. Osanloo (Eds.), Handbook of Urban Educational Leadership, (pp. 320-328) New York: Rowman and Littlefield.

Vasquez Heilig, J., Khalifa, M., & Tillman, L. (2013). Why have NCLB and high-stakes reforms failed?: Reframing the discourse with a post-colonial lens. In K. Lomotey and R. Milner (Eds.), Handbook of Urban Education, (pp. 523-537) New York: Routledge.*

Vasquez Heilig, J. & Nichols, S. (2013). A quandary for school leaders: Equity, high-stakes testing and accountability. In L. C. Tillman & J. J. Scheurich. (Eds), Handbook of Research on Educational Leadership for Diversity and Equity, (pp. 409-435) New York, New York: Routledge.*

Education Policy Reports

Vasquez Heilig, J. (2018). NEPC Review: “Bigger Bang, Fewer Bucks?” (University of Arkansas Department of Education Reform, February 2018). Boulder, CO: National Education Policy Center.

Vasquez Heilig, J., LeClair, A.V., Lemke, M., & McMurrey, A. (2014). Remarkable or poppycock?: Lessons from school voucher research and data. Austin, TX: Texas Center for Education Policy, University of Texas at Austin.

Vasquez Heilig, J. & Riley, J. C. (2014). Dallas Home Rule takeover. Austin, TX: Texas Center for Education Policy, University of Texas at Austin.

Vasquez Heilig, J. & Jez, S. (2014). Teach For America: A return to the evidence. Boulder, CO: National Education Policy Center. University of Colorado.

Vasquez Heilig, J., Jez, S. & Reddick, R. (2012). Is Texas leading its peers and the nation?: A Decadal Analysis of Educational Data. The Institute for Urban Policy Research and Analysis. University of Texas at Austin.

Vasquez Heilig, J. & Portales. (2012). Are vouchers a panacea?: Data from international implementation. Austin, TX: The Institute for Urban Policy Research and Analysis, University of Texas at Austin.

Reddick, R & Vasquez Heilig, J. (2011). Considering African American population, crime, education and mentoring constellations. Boulé Western Region Public Policy Committee.

Vasquez Heilig, J. & Jez, S. (2010). Teach For America: A review of the evidence. Boulder, CO: National Education Policy Center, University of Colorado.

Harris, D., Prosky, M,. Bach, A., Vasquez Heilig, J., & Hussar, K. (2005). Overview of actions taken by high schools to improve instruction. In Betheny Gross & Margaret E. Goertz. (Eds)., Holding high hopes: How high schools respond to state accountability policies. CPRE Research Report Series. RR-056. Consortium for Policy Research in Education. University of Pennsylvania.

Field Publications

Vasquez Heilig, J. (2009, Fall). Barack Obama, school leaders, and accountability: What was, is, and could be, American Educational Research Association Division A Newsletter, Retrieved from Newsletters/DivA-Fall-2009-Issue%2025.pdf

Vasquez Heilig, J. & Reddick, R. (2008, August 13). Perspectives: Black males in the educational pipeline. Diverse Issues in Higher Education, Retrieved from

Vasquez Heilig, J. (2007). Urban minority students on the NCLB bubble. Texas Center for Education Policy Review, 1(1), 17-19.


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