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This School is Lovely: A Collage of Photos from Historic Campus

I hope you enjoy this photographic journey through one of America’s fine public schools. This week I visited Trimble Tech High School in Fort Worth, Texas. Being out the field with our nation’s children and spending time with their educators is always informative and inspirational. For context, from Wikipedia: Green B. Trimble Technical High School started in 1882 as Fort

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A Top Ten of @ArneDuncan Inanity: Obama’s Basketball Buddy Drops Ball on Ed

So what happens when a President chooses a basketball buddy as Secretary of Education? Really, Obama… what did you expect when you chose a non-educator, non-expert to lead American education? A leader who left Chicago in shambles, whose school “turnarounds” didn’t work. Disappointed by his latest inanity at the Mom Congress, I have selected ten quotes from Arne Duncan’s reign

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