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Behind-the-Scenes @MSNBC @MHPshow

by Dr. Julian Vasquez Heilig in TV and Radio

Have you ever wondered what is like behind-the-scenes when you are on a national television show? My first visit to MSNBC was in 2012. I had given interviews about various [...]


Teach For America


Enjoyed spirited debate with @citizenstewart on the next episode of Rock The Schools… Coming soon! Honored to participate in policy briefing about transparency and local governance at charter schools If you are in Vegas, my keynote about community-based ed reform begins at 11:50 am #PEFSummit17 On the hunt for a veggie burger. Exciting news soon on winners of 2016 John Swett Award for Media Excellence 😉 Lunch with important allies. ‪Join faculty from @SacStateEDD presenting at #AERA17 in San Antonio! @sacstate Avocados from The Avocado!! Ty! Check issue on Education and SchoolChoice. You can find it here: #TheNewsYouCrave Vote Kyle! High schools have 3 weeks to apply for recognition for closing #opportunitygaps. Deadline May 1st. ‪Ancient Aztec wisdom: "Amo mas a mi Hermano el hombre" ❤️🙎🏽‍♂️‬ Today is an important day. The process begins for 2017's civil rights resolutions. ‪Join us today at noon PST in person or online @sacstateedd Facebook LIVE @sacstate Leadership team meeting going up on a Tuesday. Join our pre-AERA, UTSA sponsored symposium scheduled for April 27, 5-8 PM.

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San Antonio, TX: AERA 2017

April 26th, 2017
11 hours to go.

Las Vegas, NV: NEA Ethnic Caucus Symposium

June 9th, 2017
45 days to go.