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Michelle Rhee vs. Julian Vasquez Heilig on Twitter

by Dr. Julian Vasquez Heilig in Charter Schools

A debate/conversation started Friday evening with my response to a @MichelleRhee tweet about her tiredness with the traditional school versus charter school debate. I [...]


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@SacState has more work to do for our faculty (30%) to represent the racial/ethnic diversity of our students. (70%) I may have just bought the ugliest pair of Air Jordan's ever made to wear during our noon faculty basketball game. #XX9 They are called Hare Jordan's for Bugs Bunny and the tongue of the #VII Check our new chapter about grit and high-stakes testing! #boomerang @decm32 It's not everyday you find new cool @Stanford socks. #fearthetree🌲 @southwestair got me home again safe and sound. Found the birthday boy in Vegas! Oldest cousin and youngest cousin. Always nice to see you San Francisco! #quote #wisdomwednesday See my new chapter with @connectedprof and @decm32 about testing and grit in the new book Ed Policies & Youth in the 21st Century So peaceful It's been a long time since I laid down in the grass on campus. Wow! Meme from @badassteachersa !!! I didn't make this! But it's very funny! The new @sacstateedd doctoral students! #orientation I expect very vigorous school choice convo w/ @andreperryedu @HowardLFuller today @WBOK1230 3PM CST Call: 5042609265 Excellent lunch today with @cateachersgr !! The atmosphere looked like the restaurant in the opening scene of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

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Los Angeles, CA: We Choose ALL: Building a System of Excellent Public Education

August 31st, 2016
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Bowdoin, ME: Brodie Family Lecture

September 15th, 2016
21 days to go.


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