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Work hard, play hard. Selfie with @MsDebbieAllen at #neafgala #coolstorybro #lifegoals #spingarn #spingarnmedal Meeting Reg Weaver for the first time!!!! #damnthatscool #blackhistorymonth The food here is amazing here! Love this South African place! Honored by this write up from the Hornet. Shopping for jeans. ‪Eric Heins, California Teachers Association President, lecturing for my Sac State Doctorate in Educational Leadership 611 Legal Issues course today! Spending my morning learning about new developments in California school finance. “We must address our culture of punishment” “Brown and Black kids are not dangerous” heard at #YoloRaceCountsForum Sunrise from my balcony #goat #goblue Looking forward to getting back in the classroom tomorrow night to teach Law and Education. @sacstateedd What do you think of my @googleartsculture lookalike match?

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CARE conference

February 25th, 2018
7 days to go.