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Behind-the-Scenes @MSNBC @MHPshow

by Dr. Julian Vasquez Heilig in TV and Radio

Have you ever wondered what is like behind-the-scenes when you are on a national television show? My first visit to MSNBC was in 2012. I had given interviews about various [...]



The Face ID is not working on my iPhone X #StarWarsTheLastJedi Enjoyed visiting with Theresa Hawk at the California Department of Education today and talking about technical assistance and monitoring for English Learner students statewide. Union! MHP! My favorite broadcaster of ALL TIME #WeChoose @j4jalliance ‪En route overnight from California to DC to speak @J4J_USA #WeChoose town hall hosted by @MHarrisPerry @brothajitu ‬ #Santa professor Enjoyed visiting @sacstateedd student Amy Murray at her school! A very near future....🇲🇽 Mentoring matters! Pay it forward! Decorating the tree properly. @umichfootball #favoriteplaceonearth I am honored to be nominated for AERA Division L Vice President.
*Please share, but not on AERA channels. No funds were expended in the creation of this flyer. Looking forward to this... You’ll find Professor Julian Vasquez Heilig in 1C. As an A-List Preferred member I have taken hundreds of flights on @SouthwestAir over the years. But, there is no trip where the passengers and Southwest employees have more energy and Fun-LUVing attitude than a Friday flight to Vegas! On my 40th birthday I was sitting in 1C and was ready to turn in EVERY free drink coupon since 1998. But a newly married couple on their honeymoon didn’t have seat together, so I voluntarily gave up 1C to sit in 2B. I really didn’t mind the 2B middle seat because my flight that day was free (Rapid Rewards is the best frequent flier program on the planet). I was even serenaded when all of the flight attendants sang happy birthday on the intercom after we landed in Vegas. Maybe they were tipped off it was my birthday because I was wearing an oversized birthday hat with candles and BIG 40 on it. I’d like to tell you the rest of the story of the Professor’s adventure in Vegas which involved…. well I only have 140 characters and you know what they say, “What happens in Vegas when Southwest takes you there, stays in Vegas when Southwest brings you home.” #truestory #CaliforniaMillions #contest The reverse side of the Vegas sign. I will!

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