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The Total Neoliberal Misrepresentation of the Recent History of Indianapolis K12 Education

Is a total neoliberal misrepresentation coming to K12 Education in a public district near you? A recent article in the pro-charter, pro-neoliberal “magazine,” called Education Next, is a thorough misrepresentation of the recent history of Indianapolis K12 education (see the article at  I know because, as a university professor and a community activist, I have spent the last seven

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Advocates Continue Push to Lessen Importance of Standardized Tests in Texas

A new piece posted yesterday on the NPR website entitled Advocates Continue Push to Lessen Importance of Standardized Tests in Texas. Morgan Kilgo reports, The debate over the proper role of standard tests in evaluating student performance has been going strong in Texas, and around the nation, during the past decade. State Rep. Brooks Landgraf (R-Odessa) wants the debate to

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Examining the myth of accountability, high-stakes testing and the achievement gap

We are proud to announce a new peer-reviewed paper entitled Examining the myth of accountability, high-stakes testing and the achievement gap In this article, we outline how notions of accountability and the achievement gap have relied upon the massive expansion of high-stakes exams in our nation’s schools. Texas-style test and punish accountability manifested in various ways within schools and school culture across

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‪Breaking news?: @NAACP now opposing high-stakes testing!

I think this is breaking news? I am currently attending the NAACP national convention in San Antonio Texas. I am sitting in the federal legislative and public policy workshop. In my education packet there is a new issue brief addressing high-stakes testing. The NAACP is now publicly opposing high-stakes testing! This stand builds on our legacy of opposition articulated in

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Mismatched Assumptions: Motivation, Grit, and High-Stakes Testing

Since the onset of No Child Left Behind over a decade ago, a lynchpin of accountability formulas for U.S. schools has included some form of a state-mandated exam. Accountability policies have utilized standardized tests as the basis of decisions that determine progression through grade levels, access to higher education, progress in achievement, and resource allocation to schools (Darling-Hammond, 2003). Considering

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Librarians now judged by test scores?

Politicians in Texas may not have ever seen a high-stakes test that they didn’t like. We’ve seen unreliable and invalid uses of high-stakes testing pervade Texas since George W. Bush’s No Child Left Behind was birthed in Texas in the early 1990s. I am now hearing from Texas that districts are now attempting to tie librarians to student test scores.  The Dallas Independent School

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