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Mismatched Assumptions: Motivation, Grit, and High-Stakes Testing

Since the onset of No Child Left Behind over a decade ago, a lynchpin of accountability formulas for U.S. schools has included some form of a state-mandated exam. Accountability policies have utilized standardized tests as the basis of decisions that determine progression through grade levels, access to higher education, progress in achievement, and resource allocation to schools (Darling-Hammond, 2003). Considering

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Librarians now judged by test scores?

Politicians in Texas may not have ever seen a high-stakes test that they didn’t like. We’ve seen unreliable and invalid uses of high-stakes testing pervade Texas since George W. Bush’s No Child Left Behind was birthed in Texas in the early 1990s. I am now hearing from Texas that districts are now attempting to tie librarians to student test scores.  The Dallas Independent School

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Education Activists Converge on Presidential Debate

Today, in response to a nationwide attack on public education, supporters of high-quality, democratically controlled, neighborhood public schools are holding events at the first presidential debate in New York, demanding that the candidates respond to concerns about school privatization and unfair funding, and releasing a national public education platform. The organizers of the debate protests belong to Journey for Justice Alliance (J4J), a national network of

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Can @PARCCPlace BAN You From Seeing?

I think the students in our leadership and education policy classes at California State University Sacramento (scholarly and academic purposes) and the readers of Cloaking Inequity (news reporting) will be very interested in this new, ongoing case study where a PARCC, a testing company, is trying to limit the fair use of copyrighted material. Here is a case study that was

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Upcoming Legislative Briefing: New Options for Assessment & Accountability

Looking forward to being back in Austin in two weeks to speak at a Legislative Briefing and discuss community-based accountability. The Texas AFT, Austin Voices for Education and Youth, and Texans Advocating for Meaningful Student Assessment (TAMSA) invite you to an Education Briefing entitled New Options for Assessment and Accountability. Now that Congress has (theoretically) left NCLB test-and-punish mandates behind and the Legislature

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Disparaging OptOut? Ed Post Billionaire Front Job Laid Bare

Recently Peter Cunningham made comments disparaging the opt out of testing movement. @SavOurSchoolsNJ @leoniehaimson @JessedHagopian If you keep saying it, you might even believe it. — Peter Cunningham (@PCunningham57) April 24, 2016 @leoniehaimson Recruiting a small percentage of POC doesn't change the fact that opt out is largely driven by middle class whites. — Peter Cunningham (@PCunningham57) April 24, 2016

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