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Gangsters’ Moves By TEA in Houston

So Mike Morath, Texas Education Agency (TEA) commissioner, failed at his Home Rule attempt in Dallas (See Panning a Charter Takeover of all public schools). So via legislative mandate in SB 1882, Texas has now empowered TEA to use gangster moves to force schools into private management. For Whom the Bell Tolls: 6,689 @HoustonISD students, 59% Black, 40% Latinx, <1% white,

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A FINGER SNAP in the FACE OF A CHILD to redirect, give an order, or get attention–this is a common practice in high compliance charter schools where predominantly White educators serve students of color. This practice is defended as holding “high expectations” and being “structured” and “efficient.” School leaders say, “This is what our families want.” Then they castigate anti-oppression

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A Chance for Charter School Critics and Supporters to Agree!

Here is your chance charter school proponents! So you don’t like the fact that charter schools are more segregated than traditional public schools? You think that some charters are wasting taxpayer money? You are open to solutions that provide special education students access to charters? (See New Study: Are Charters beacons of opportunity for Special Needs Students?) Here is an opportunity for you

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Gavin: Renew California’s Commitment to Education

As many of you close to me already know, I have volunteered my time as an education advisor for the Gavin Newsom gubernatorial campaign in California. He recently released his education platform. Please be assured that I have done my best to communicate community-based policy as an alternative to the top-down, privatization reforms (charters, vouchers, VAM etc.) that many Democrat and

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Puerto Rico Braces for Wave of School Privatization

The warnings came right after the storm: Hurricane Maria’s devastation of Puerto Rico would be used as an opportunity to transfer management of the island’s schools to private operators of charter schools, and introduce voucher programs that would redirect public education funds to private schools. “The education privatization playbook uses politics to open the door for more privately controlled schools

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