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Breaking News: Community-based Funding and Accountability working in California

I am currently sitting in the Policy Analysis for California Education (PACE) annual conference being held in Sacramento. A new study just dropped that show money clearly matters in California school finance and that it has had a positive impact on student achievement and graduation rates across the state. View this post on Instagram Spending my morning learning about new

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Talking School Choice and NC Insanity on @RickSmithShow

On the Rick Smith Show we discussed school finance lawsuits, the false promise of charters, privatization of the $1 Trillion education spending in the US, market based reform, North Carolina bathrooms (oh, and their education “reforms”) and more. On Air Now @ProfessorJVH talking #Education in #NorthCarolina #TBATs @BadassTeachersA #BATsradio — Rick Smith (@RickSmithShow) April 25, 2016     In 2005, The

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Q: Do Charters Spend More on Administration? A: Yes

I received a question over email querying if charters spend more on administration aka school leadership. I used t-tests to compare school leadership per pupil spending means from the 2010-2011 school finance data (the most recent cleaned dataset on my laptop) for all schools in Texas. Here is what I found: In elementary, charters spend $147 more per pupil than

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TX House Source: Vouchers go down (again)

Diane Ravitch just posted this. A source on one of the House staffs just sent me his assessment anonymously. He also weighs in on the relationship between vouchers and current Texas school finance case: Vouchers just basically died in the House…. The amendment basically prohibits public dollars for public education going to private schools.  So in order for scholarships to

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Times are a-Changin’: My Thoughts in Huff Post

Yesterday I made some “no holds barred” statements to the Huffington Post about school finance, politics, and race. First, the background. Brookings said minority children will be the majority in the entire United States by 2019. The growth in the Latina/o community fueled almost all of the population growth in the United States over the last ten years. CNN reported: White children

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