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Times are a-Changin’: My Thoughts in Huff Post

Yesterday I made some “no holds barred” statements to the Huffington Post about school finance, politics, and race. First, the background. Brookings said minority children will be the majority in the entire United States by 2019. The growth in the Latina/o community fueled almost all of the population growth in the United States over the last ten years. CNN reported: White children

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Vouchers and School Finance: Saving the Statehouse $?

Happy New Year 2013! I have often posted on school vouchers over the past few months. Why? There are factions in Texas, Louisiana and elsewhere that still argue they are efficacious educational policy and are pressing them into law. They are not. See CI’s thread on vouchers here. IUPRA will soon release a brief entitled Do Vouchers Create More Inequality?: Lessons from

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“Time to invest in Latino children”

Had an interview/conversation yesterday with Sandra Lilley (She’s featured in my Twitter background photo) from NBCLatino. Her article Census shows it’s time to invest in Latino children, says experts discussed the growth of Latina/os in U.S. Schools: By 2060 Latinos will be nearly one of every three Americans, according to the latest Census report released today.  As the immigration and globalization expert Marcelo

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