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KIPP Lacks Accountability and Transparency #MeToo #NotUs

KIPP is having a crisis of accountability and transparency. Most recently, KIPP founder Michael Feinberg (See the post Frank Convo with KIPP’s Mike Feinberg: Do you call BS?) has found himself in serious #MeToo trouble. The NY Times recently reported in the piece Michael Feinberg, a Founder of KIPP Schools, Is Fired After Misconduct Claims Advertisements

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Gavin: Renew California’s Commitment to Education

As many of you close to me already know, I have volunteered my time as an education advisor for the Gavin Newsom gubernatorial campaign in California. He recently released his education platform. Please be assured that I have done my best to communicate community-based policy as an alternative to the top-down, privatization reforms (charters, vouchers, VAM etc.) that many Democrat and

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Puerto Rico Braces for Wave of School Privatization

The warnings came right after the storm: Hurricane Maria’s devastation of Puerto Rico would be used as an opportunity to transfer management of the island’s schools to private operators of charter schools, and introduce voucher programs that would redirect public education funds to private schools. “The education privatization playbook uses politics to open the door for more privately controlled schools

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What Will 2018 Bring for Public Education?

Yes, 2017 was a rough year for public school supporters, with the ascension of President Donald Trump and his Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, the continued underfunding and undermining of local public schools, and the increased attacks on teacher professionalism and students’ civil rights. But there’s hope for 2018. The public has grown far more skeptical toward the movement to

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Charters want less accountability for your $ (because of course they do)

The California Charter School Association has been carrying a bill – SB 806 (Glazer) – to loosen regulations on conflict of interest at charter schools. Pretty obscene in the midst of conflict of interest stories like this and this, two stories that came out since this bill was rejected by the Legislature last year. The author is determined to stop charter schools from

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The Unfortunate History and Segregation of Charter Schools

Considering the evidence to this point, the charter movement is evolving into a colonial construct replete with indoctrination, exploitation, and profit. —Julian Vasquez Heilig A few weeks ago I was invited to speak at the Summit for Civil Rights. Here’s what the University of Minnesota Law School about the Summit: The Summit for Civil Rights was held at the University of

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