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Wikileaks Provide Insight into @HillaryClinton and #Education

So Wikileaks happened thanks to the Russians and whoever else. There is lots of talk in the current presidential election about a variety of topics emanating from the purportedly leaked emails on Wikileaks. However, I haven’t seen much conversation about the the content of the leaks that is relevant to education policy. So I did a quick search of Wikileaks

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Fisher II got it right on Race and Affirmative Action

As a nation, we are fortunate that the Supreme Court ruled that the University of Texas admission plan “clearly reconciled the pursuit of diversity with the constitutional promise of equal treatment and dignity.” In Fisher v. University of Texas, the court considered the case of Abigail Fisher, who claims she didn’t get in to UT because the school preferred non-white

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Should Our Public Universities be Cadillacs or Chevrolets?

Do students of today deserve Cadillac or Chevrolet public universities? Whether you agree or disagree with the various ranking systems for K-12 and higher education— educators, policymakers and other stakeholders are paying attention to them. The U.S. News and World report rankings have had a variety of critiques levied against them over the years, but they are probably the most

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EdWeek is WRONG about this

    In a recent EdWeek article, Douglas Harris asked, “Should K-12 Schools be Governed Like Colleges?” While frustratingly he did not come to any definitive conclusion on the matter, leaving the audience waiting for his next blog, I can already answer this in a pretty straightforward manner: NO.  The underlying questions at hand are as follows: Can markets, competition, and

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Fisher Letter Boston Globe Refused to Print

The Boston Globe recently printed an opinion column entitled ‘Mismatched’ black students pay the price of affirmative action. Jeff Jacoby was either grossly ignorant of the facts or simply racially prejudiced. Here is the letter I wrote responding to Jacoby: The columnist neglected to mention important data that would better inform Globe readers in his column ‘Mismatched’ black students pay the price of affirmative

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Republicans right to address education, but wrong on agenda

During this week’s Republican debate in Milwaukee, the issue of K-12 education was again substantively ignored even though the focus of the debate was the U.S. economy. However, higher education was not left out of the debate as Senator Marco Rubio availed himself of a couple of opportunities to attack the U.S. higher education system. He posited that the system

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