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Does New Generation of Teachers Also Care about Pay, Benefits, Retirement and Tenure?

Teaching is one of the most altruistic professions. Despite constant attacks on their profession and ongoing public criticism from some quarters in the modern era— teachers are the willing and expert caretakers of our nation. Education is the compass of our democracy. As teacher shortages and high attrition continue to plague the profession, it is important to ask what is

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Podcast: The Ethical and Emotional dilemmas of Choosing and Supporting Teach For America

Truth For America is a podcast about Teach For America (TFA) that provides voice to educators, parents, students, and other key stakeholders. Truth For America is co-hosted by Dr. Julian Vasquez Heilig, Dr. T. Jameson Brewer and Dr. Barb Veltri. This episode explores whether someone should support or choose Teach For America. The podcasts features special guests Professor Tom Pedroni

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National Town Hall on Suspending High Stakes Student Testing

Register now – National Town Hall on Suspending High Stakes Student Testing on 1/26 at 6 p.m. EST w/ Congressman Jamaal Bowman , Dean Julian Vasquez Heilig , Professor Jack Schneider and many more. MC’d by Bob Schaeffer of FairTest and @ilana4regent – register for free here. See all of Cloaking Inequity posts about high-stakes testing here. There is much

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Using DATA and RESEARCH to Unlearn Chait’s False Opinion about Charter Schools

In this blog I respond to Jonathan Chait’s grossly unfounded opinions in the New York Magazine article entitled Unlearning an Answer with data, peer reviewed research and by highlighting the work of scholars who have conducted extensive research about charter schools. I will also recognize when the predominance of the research supports his opinions. Political support for Charters is waning

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