Friday Fun: DI’s Education Caption Entry Activity

How about a little education humor? A few months ago Scott McLeod posted a caption contest on Dangerously Irrelevant. Here are my entries. Feel free to include your own entries for Captions 1-12 in the comments.

Caption 1: Taking the test to test for the test. See Walking Away From High Stakes Tests, A Noble Lie
Caption 2: Finally! My school voucher came in the mail from ALEC. Let’s blow this popsicle stand! See To ALEC in Texas: School Vouchers are Poppycock
Caption 3: Common Core: It’s whats for dinner. See Dewey, Testing Companies, and the Origin of the Common Core
Caption 4: I promise I will behave, please don’t kick me out of this charter. See My Inspiration and Anger: One day Gary disappeared
Caption 5: This is an Atlantic Triangular Trade ship, not a slave ship! See “Illusion of Inclusion,” Article about Race and Standards in Harvard Educational Review
Caption 6: It was nice knowing you KIPP. See  Is choice a panacea? An analysis of black secondary student attrition from KIPP, other private charters and urban districts
Caption 7:  What’s that you have in your hand? We don’t do sculpture. Testing too important. See From Dewey to No Child Left Behind: The evolution and devolution of public arts education
Caption 8: I thought my first-year TFA teacher would at least make it to Christmas. See Tell-All from Oakland TFA Teacher: “I didn’t do my research” “Left by Winter Break”
Caption 9: We must prepare to burn all “culturally relevant” curriculum that includes Black people and Latinos. It’s the law here in Arizona. See Who’s Afraid of Music?: Arizona Racial Politics Gets Insane (Again!) via @IAmKRSOne @RATM
Caption 10: If I was going to a virtual charter I wouldn’t have to carry this heavy textbook or even learn. See NCAA Bans K12 Inc. Online Charters: No Rose Bowl, No Final Four
Caption 11: Be sure to wash your hands because of that Ebola— it’s EVERYWHERE. See: It’s Obama’s fault.
Caption 12: The Congress might finally change George Bush’s No Child Left Behind law after more than a decade. Will it really be different? But… See Testing and Accountability: The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same

What are your captions?

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