Creative?: (Updated) Truth for America Video Project

Do you have a creative and critical perspective on Teach For America? If you are an educator, TFA corps member/alum, researcher, concerned citizen, parent, or student we invite you tocreate a 2-3 minute video to provide both a creative and critical perspective and/or counternarrative about TFA to further public conversation.

Videos could include your own personal experiences with TFA, interviews with individuals who have experience with TFA, or general critiques of TFA’s influence in public education. However, you have creative flexibility to create any focus on TFA that you think is important for the public to be aware of.


– Your short film(s) must be less than four minutes.

– You may submit as many short films as you wish.

– Don’t use any screenshots from TFA’s website or other “internal use only” material given TFA’s track record of attempting to deflect substance and limit critique.

– Upload your unlisted (not private or public) submission to YouTube and email a video link to:

Timeline & Process:

– Submissions and release form must be received by February 3, 2016.

– The Truth For America videos will be judged by a cadre of progressive TFA alumni.

Winners will be announced by February 5, 2016, and the best videos will be shown at the Network for Public Education’s 3rd Annual National Conference in Raleigh, North Carolina, April 16-17, 2016. (for more information on the conference visit

Don’t let TFA and their supporters use their millions to control the public narrative. Use your voice to tell the Truth for America. Join the BAT and NPE Action Video Project, and start working on your submission today!

Official Update 1/23/16: Prizes to be awarded for the top three videos. Winners will receive travel stipends to attend this year’s Network for Public Education (NPE) Annual Conference. First Prize: $500, Second Prize: $250, Third Prize: $200. Submit your video today!


To enter the Truth for America Video Project, visit the NPE Action website, and complete the release/consent form.

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