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On February 5th, 6th, and 7th in Washington DC, TFA will have their 25 year anniversary alumni summit. Time to fact check and share the real truth about TFA.

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Teach For America is facing headwind. Several states have cut back funding and TFA has revealed that they are short of their lofty recruiting goals that were set when they received $50 million from Arne Duncan a few years ago.

And now, many in the current generation of Teach For America alumni have become more and more vocal about the detriments of the organization.

The Washington Post recently published an excerpt from Teach For America Counter-Narratives: Alumni Speak Up and Speak Out, a new book that “tells the story of the controversial organization through the eyes of alumni who share their experiences and insight about working in TFA.”

In her chapter, Wendy Chovnick, a former corps member in Washington, D.C. schools, who also served as chief of staff to the executive director in the Phoenix TFA office relayed that “expecting corps members to be transformational leaders and close the achievement gap in their first year of teaching is foolish.”

Eric Ruiz Bybee, a former New York City TFA corps member, recently wrote Teach for America stumbles because its teachers aren’t prepared. He relayed that Teach For America must reform because and that “all it takes is the willingness to finally recognize that five weeks of preparation is not enough.”

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T. Jameson Brewer, a former Atlanta TFA corps member, and David Greene wrote in the piece School Districts Have the Power to Change TFA that “since it is unlikely that TFA will enact meaningful change in the face of criticism, we contend that the school districts that have the power to decide to partner with TFA or not begin to set those changes into motion.”

The Network for Public Education (NPE) and the Badass Teachers Association (BATS) have noticed and supports the TFA alumni who are speaking out against the organization. Recently NPE received an open letter unsolicited from a Teach For America alum. She was assigned to teach special education in California in 2013. These clips from her interview are the first to be released in the Network for Public Education’s new series Truth For America. She asked to be anonymous to avoid repercussions from Teach For America.

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(Thanks to Robin Hiller for writing the text that is the basis of this post)

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