Ping! Hess, Ravitch, Heilig, Cabrera & Goldrick-Rab #AERA16 #AERAPubScholar

Here is an opportunity to communicate your questions about democratizing education knowledge directly to Diane Ravitch, Frederick Hess, Sarah Goldrick-Rab, Nolan Cabrera and Julian Vasquez Heilig. Your questions will be answered LIVE at the upcoming AERA conference.

Communicate your questions on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube using #AERAPubScholar.

I have organized a Presidential Session at #AERA16 entitled Career Threats and Opportunities: What Is the Role of Social Media in Public Scholarship?

The LIVE session will take place on Monday April 11, 2016 from 2:45-4:15. I will stream the session live from my iPhone via the Periscope app. Watch my Twitter (@ProfessorJVH) for the LIVE Periscope link at the start time on Monday.

You can also register for the official Live-Stream

Researchers will discuss social media approaches to public scholarship that can democratize education knowledge. Panelists will focus on how social media can advance academic scholarship discussions but also may pose threats to academic careers, particularly for junior scholars. Questions from audience-generated social media will be discussed by the panelists, as both conference participants and streaming viewers from across the nation and world contribute comments and questions in advance and in real-time via Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, using the hashtag #AERAPubScholar.


Submit your Twitter, Facebook and YouTube question today!!!!

Don’t forget to use #AERAPubScholar

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