A FINGER SNAP in the FACE OF A CHILD to redirect, give an order, or get attention–this is a common practice in high compliance charter schools where predominantly White educators serve students of color.

This practice is defended as holding “high expectations” and being “structured” and “efficient.” School leaders say, “This is what our families want.” Then they castigate anti-oppression educators claiming we are the ones that want marginalized students to fail because we speak out against this and their other “proven” and effective practices.

Interestingly, after years of White charter leaders defending these practices and calling me (and others) racist and classist for our opposition, school leader David Singer from University Prep Schools made the right decision and banned finger snapping. When asked why staff said, “Our families told us that they don’t want their children treated like dogs.”

Examine your best practices for oppression, and think about what parents might not be telling you–yet. Let’s realize that parents will send their children to a school even if it is oppressive because they don’t have REAL choices. #schoolchoice sounds like equity and options but it is #falsechoice.

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