Roundup: We find faculty diversity has hit a wall

In the post New Study: Faculty Diversity Gains in U.S. Colleges and Universities Largely Minimal we discuss that faculty diversity has hit a wall. There has been a fair amount of national buzz about the study and some interesting takes in the media (i.e. Inside Higher Education, Chronicle of Higher Education Diverse Issues in Education etc). Here are a few:

Spanish language coverage:

As I discussed last week, please read and share this new piece widely. Our academic leaders and scholarly communities need to make more progress in diversifying our nation’s faculty.

Vasquez Heilig. J., Flores, I., Souza, A., Barry, J., & Barcelo Monroy, S. (2019). Considering the Ethnoracial and Gender Diversity of Faculty in US College and University Intellectual CommunitiesHispanic Journal of Law and Policy2(1), 1-31.

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