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Impact on Access and Segregation: Are Vouchers a Panacea or Problematic? Pt. II

Written in collaboration with Dr. Jaime Portales Guiding questions for today’s post on the universal implementation of vouchers: Do they intensify segregation? Do they create more access to high-quality education? If so, for whom? According to various researchers, the introduction of universal vouchers in Chile has exacerbated segregation between schools and between types of schools (Carnoy, 1998; McEwan & Carnoy,

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Introduction: Are Vouchers a Panacea or Problematic? Pt. I

The rumors are that Texas Governor Rick Perry plans to declare vouchers “emergency legislation.” Dan Patrick, recently appointed head of the Texas Senate Education Committee, is also pushing for “choice.” The Houston Chronicle stated: Patrick is a strong supporter of school vouchers, which would allow tax money to flow to private and religious schools. The Houston Chronicle also quoted Patrick

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