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Education Health ALERT!: United Nations warns GERMs spreading worldwide #NN15

The world is experiencing the spread of privatizing GERMs (Global Education Reform Movements). School “reformers” are pressing a variety of “school choice” and “market-based” policies that move the control of schools from democratic control to private control. Market-based approaches such as vouchers, charters, and parent trigger take the control of schools out of the hands […]

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Will Market-Based Education Produce More or Less Student Uprising?

In the post, Exclusive: Students Tear Gassed By Police While Protesting School Inequality I asked Are you ready for more protests? School “reformers” have argued that the Baltimore uprising is a call for more market-based education. I argue the opposite is actually true. First, Baltimore. Then, Chile. I was involved in crafting the Network for Public Education’s response to the Baltimore Uprising. […]

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EdWeek Series Beyond Rhetoric: Voucher supporters roll the eyes

My mom likes to tell a story about a parent-teacher conference that she had with my 5th grade teacher Mr. Studley. During this conference the teacher mentioned that I had asked a question during class. Mr. Studley responded that he wasn’t sure of what the answer to my question was. I responded to him, “That’s okay […]

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Exclusive: Students Tear Gassed By Police While Protesting School Inequality

Are you ready for more protests? If school “choice” supporters get their wish, it just might happen. Why? After 30 years of school “choice,” that is what is happening in Chile. Supporters of school “choice” want you to believe that school vouchers “work” and promote Civil Rights. I wrote in the post Billionaires co-opt minority groups into campaign for […]

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A Message to Democrats (and Republicans too) about Education Reform

Because I am California bound, I had to cancel an engagement to speak with the Sun City Democrats about education reform. To make up for it, I taped a message to them and answered their questions. I pasted the YouTube response below. Here are the questions: We read, in the Austin Statesman, that one of the […]

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Update on School Voucher Study: Help! So Close to Go So Far, FIVE Funded TWO to go!

FIVE students funded TWO to go! We recently wrote: WE NEED YOUR HELP! Do you believe in public education? Do you want US policymakers to understand why decision makers in Chile have now judged vouchers to be problematic after 30 years of universal implementation? Do you have frequent flier miles you can donate? Sponsor a grad student […]

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“Regrettable” that Blacks/Latinos are Naughty: Race/Racism Expunged in US

An infinity of good and bad things get unevenly distributed across populations for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with the kinds of discrimination that are banned in our laws and Constitution. Chester Finn Congratulations, us Americans can officially pat ourselves on the back. From my estimation, from where I sit, women have now […]

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Top Ten List: Why “choice” demonstrates that money matters

Apologize for the CI hiatus. I have six PhD students that want to graduate, which translates to about 1,000 pages dissertation reading these past few days. I recently had a conversation with a conservative Harvard-trained attorney last Saturday in Houston. We were discussing Finland (I blogged about Finland a few weeks ago) and her point […]

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TX House Source: Vouchers go down (again)

Diane Ravitch just posted this. A source on one of the House staffs just sent me his assessment anonymously. He also weighs in on the relationship between vouchers and current Texas school finance case: Vouchers just basically died in the House…. The amendment basically prohibits public dollars for public education going to private schools.  So […]

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In Ravitch’s Defense: Milwaukee Voucher Study Found Wanting

Reblogged from In Ravitch’s Defense: Milwaukee Voucher Study Found Wanting: Yesterday, Dr. Patrick Wolf of the University of Arkansas’ Department of Educational Reform (which is heavily funded by an influential Arkansas family bent upon educational reform– guess who?) published a scathing attack on my colleague Diane Ravitch, accusing her of venturing academically ”beyond her element,” so to speak, in her […]

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Vicious Wolf attacks Diane Ravitch

Originally posted on Diane Ravitch's blog:
Yesterday, Patrick Wolf published a vitriolic attack on me and on the National Education Policy Center. This was in response to a post I had published saying that vouchers had failed in Milwaukee. They are supposed to “save minority students from failing schools,” but they do no better…

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Cross Sweden off voucher success story list

Originally posted on Diane Ravitch's blog:
Professor Henry M. Levin is a distinguished economist and director of the National Center for the Study of Privatization in Education at Teachers College, Columbia University. He recently participated in a conference in Sweden convened by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences to review the evidence about the…

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Julian Vasquez Heilig @ TLBC Legislative Summit Feb. 25

For Cloaking Inequity’s full thread on Vouchers go here. For more information on the TLBC Legislative Summit go here. School Choice: Vouchers, A Compliment or an Assault on Public Education Monday, Feb. 25th from 1:30p to 3:30p JHR 110 (Reagan Bldg in Capitol Complex) TITLE: School Choice: Vouchers as public educational policy: As we have discussed, […]

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Bullets and “Taxpayer Savings Grants” (AKA vouchers)

I know. I know. I promised finito yesterday on vouchers. For the past week on CI, I have sought to thoughtfully ponder the impact of vouchers on various issues such as achievement, school finance, education equity and rural areas. In prior posts on the the universal implementation of vouchers I have also pondered segregation and […]

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Fi·ni·to: Vouchers and Educational Equity

The premise that vouchers create a competitive market place for students and parents is questionable once the assumption of who can actually compete in or benefit from that market place is considered. Unrestricted, universal school choice, has in practice increased the segregation of diverse learners (e.g. ability, SES, and Race/Ethnicity) (NEA, 2012). Why is this […]

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Research Evidence vs Soaring Ideology: School Vouchers and Achievement

Student voucher advocates promised that school vouchers would boost academic achievement for the economically disadvantaged and students of color. Yet, voucher proponents rarely cite independent, peer-reviewed, and scientific research purporting increased academic achievement from school vouchers. However, according to Ravitch (2011), studies of voucher programs in Washington, DC, Cleveland, Milwaukee, and other areas demonstrate that vouchers […]

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Vouchers Deep in the Heart of Texas?

As discussed previously here: I have often posted on school vouchers over the past few months. Why? There are factions inTexas, Louisiana and elsewhere that still argue they are efficacious educational policy and are pressing them into law. They are not. See CI’s thread on vouchers here. This post was written in conjunction with someone who wishes to […]

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Vouchers and School Finance: Saving the Statehouse $?

Happy New Year 2013! I have often posted on school vouchers over the past few months. Why? There are factions in Texas, Louisiana and elsewhere that still argue they are efficacious educational policy and are pressing them into law. They are not. See CI’s thread on vouchers here. IUPRA will soon release a brief entitled […]

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