San Antonio is being courted by Rocketship charters… here is a conversation about their entrance into the Milwaukee market. Does the Rocketship approach sound familiar? Strangely familiar?

Educate All Students, Support Public Education

Do Milwaukee’s children deserve art and music classes?

By Barbara Miner Jan. 5, 2013 View from the Heartland MJS Blog

Do young children deserve art and music classes?

Or, instead of art and music, should kindergarten and first-graders spend two hours a day in Dilbert-like cubicles, keyboarding answers into computers while uncertified aides monitor the room and maintain order?

Such questions should be part of a much-needed public discussion on the City of Milwaukee’s expectations for its charter schools.

A PBS Learning Matters report on Dec. 29 provided a fascinating glimpse at the privately run Rocketship Education network of charter schools in California that, beginning next year, will be in Milwaukee. The show, which aired Dec. 29, is available online and is worth the nine minutes it takes to watch.

The PBS report looks at both strengths and weaknesses in the Rocketship approach and focuses on the Rocketship Mosaic school…

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