NOLA has TFA, Charters, Vouchers, well just about everything. Secretary Arne Duncan has said that Hurricane Katrina was “the best thing that happened to the education system” in NOLA. However, they have their data on lockdown. Is that suspicious? hmmmmm. What could they possibly be cloaking?

Crazy Crawfish

Recently we’ve seen a rash of publicity coming out of New Orleans and from Leslie Jacobs about the New Orleans turnaround miracle. According to her press releases and op-ed pieces in the Time Picayune and Baton Rouge Advocate, New Orleans leads the both the state and nation in graduation rate. That would be some wonderful news . . . if it were true. I think this claim needs to be examined a little more closely and not just accepted as fact, and I will explain why.

For many years, New Orleans provided some of the worst data of all of Louisiana’s parishes, even before Katrina. I know this, because I was the one who had the thankless task of reviewing and pointing out obvious omissions – trying to get at least the outright ridiculous data fixed. Many of their schools failed to report discipline actions or attendance, or…

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