Government Shutdown and Education From Twitterverse This Morning

oh, and…

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  • Monty J. Thornburg, Ph.D.

    The Regular Order and Courage is what we need.
    That means regular public schools, (not privatized ones) and, not public schools undermined through irregular manufactured attacks. Attacks, as we’ve seen for several years! Especially in New Orleans, but, seen in many other places across the U.S., too!
    Manufactured conflict with manufactured accountability is designed by a radical minority with lots of $dollars to promote inequity through privatization schemes. This has all “uncloaked” on this blog for sometime. None of this would continue if political courage is found and we find ways to fight back.
    The manufactured reason for the government shutdown is ideological; i.e., “government v. private” and the hidden racist theoretical arguments that keep “regular order” from happening and the political gimmicks in government in general and education, too, are becoming very tiresome.
    Please read “Hearing the Hurricane Coming” by Julian V.H. and see that what’s really happening across a large spectrum of society, and especially with health care and education too, is really based on underlying “racist and paternalistic” motivations that we need to pay attention to. In other words, I agree with him! And, as a high school teacher I’m finding a large number of students who are seeing this too! They are becoming less and less impressed with us; the adults!
    For example, they see in their history and civics classes that of the 435 house members, only 30-35 radical republican members are blocking a clean resolution bill that would reopen the government so that regular order could prevail.
    But, because the Speaker of the House does not have the courage; -or is he really aligned with big money- or the “paternalistic” and “racist” agenda? – a few radicals are blocking him; as we wait!
    We need regular order and we need the courage of political leadership in government and in education, too.


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