Arne Duncan Hails Vergara Decision

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Here is Arne Duncan’s statement on the Vergara decision that tenure and seniority are unconstitutional. Not a word about the real causes of unequal opportunity: poverty and segregation.. Who would have believed that a Democratic administration would stand by silently as collective bargaining rights are rolled back (Wisconsin) and would hail a court decision removing due process from public school teachers? Mitt Romney’s Secretary of Education (had he won) could have issued this press release:

Statement from U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan Regarding the Decision in Vergara v. California:
JUNE 10, 2014

Press Office, (202) 401-1576,

“For students in California and every other state, equal opportunities for learning must include the equal opportunity to be taught by a great teacher. The students who brought this lawsuit are, unfortunately, just nine out of millions of young people in America who are disadvantaged by laws, practices and systems that…

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  • “Cha Ching” and “teachers dis-empowered” Glen Beck – Strange ally for Diane Ravitch

    With the news of the 2nd most powerful member of the House of Representatives losing his seat in a primary election, I was curious what FOX “noise” was saying. I accidentally happened on to a visit by Glen Beck on the Hannity TV program. Beck has a new “movie” coming out against the (CCSS) Common Core State Standards. He talked about “teachers being dis-empowered” and in Florida how corporate testing corporations make $millions off the backs of children at the expense of teachers being able to do their jobs.

    His characterization was, “cha ching” $35 every time a Florida child takes or re-takes a CCSS test. As was recently decided in Oklahoma, we see that the CCSS are in real trouble on the “far right” for libertarian reasons, every bit as much as on the “left” with respect to teacher union busting issues. The push back against corporate greed with the “educational e-industrial complex” and Gates and company is true on both the political right and left.


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  • I think this post coupled with the Washington Post article by Valerie Strauss where Diane Ravitch calls for “Congress to investigate Bill Gates’ role in Common Core” demonstrate that the battle lines for public education v. privatized education are becoming clear.

    Also, the newly-published book by Schneider, M. (2014), “A Chronicle of Echoes: Who’s Who in the Implosion of American Public Education” also points toward the battle lines forming. The “e-educational industrial complex” (my characterization) coupled with ALEC “type ideology” and attempts to undermine teacher unions are all coupled within this same battle to save public education from corporate ideology- and GREED.

    Unfortunately, as any student of “Educational Leadership/Administration” will learn; corporate ideology and a path toward libertarian economic and utilitarian thinking is marked clearly within his/her educational studies to administer and lead schools.

    Moreover, as is pointed out in this Blog on the subject: Teach for America, the phenomena has been exacerbated as many teach a short time and are supported into positions of “leadership.” Thus, too many aspiring superintendents and administrators are confused, at best.

    Where is Thomas Dewey? Ironic, isn’t it that Dewey’s lab school was at the University of Chicago; and, the same place where Milton Friedman helped launch the school privatization movement from a libertarian economic perspective.


  • Obama’s Shameful Administration and Duncan’s ass kissing have given new birth to Jim Crow. Only now it’s not just racial segregation, everyone is inferior unless they have connections to the Billionaire Boys Club!

    I worked for Obama’s campaign and have been a lifelong Democrat, but I can no longer support the Democrat’s delusional thinking and turncoat politics.

    What party can I support when the Democrats have sold us out, and the rigid conservative GOP philosophy is just as delusional or worse?


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