Please Vote!: 3rd Annual Educational Policy Turkey of the Year Award #Thanksgiving

Please vote!! Cloaking Inequity seeks to illuminate popular and dominant ideologies that purport to foment equality and close the achievement gap. Often well-intentioned citizens support educational policy that claim to create a more inclusive and better quality education system— unbeknownst (or beknownst) to them— these policies magnify and hide inequality by utilizing an elegant, yet false, bureaucracy of data, research and media promotion. For the past two years, Cloaking Inequity has held a contest for the Educational Policy Turkey of the Year Award. The past winner were discussed in the posts Teach For America: 2012 Educational Policy Turkey of the Year and Vote for 2013 Educational Policy Turkey of the Year Award

This year, the 2014 Educational Policy Turkey of the Year Award will again be voted on by the viewers of Cloaking Inequity and announced after Thanksgiving Day (Gobble Gobble). The award is based on Cloaking Inequity posts from calendar year 2014. This award will be given to the educational policy (or program) of the year that is deemed to most egregiously cloak inequity. I will provide hyperlinks about each nominee for research purposes. Let the voting begin!


1. The Billionaires. I.e. Eli Broad, Arthur Rock, John Arnold etc) who are trying (working in conjunction with Teach For America— 2012 Turkey of the Year) to buy school board races and implement various privatization policies across the United States . (See Is a Billionaire or Millionaire looking to buy your election Nov 4? (Please Vote Ted in Austin and Billionaires co-opt minority groups into campaign for education reform and Beware: A Hostile Takeover of ALL Dallas Public Schools is Underway and Richard Brodsky: Wall Street and Rightwing Billionaires are Key Players in Education Policy an America’s Billionaire-to-National-Debt Contradiction

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 2.28.48 PM

2. Time Magazine. For an epic fail scapegoating our nation’s teachers. (See Teachers Matter: The Letter Defending Educators @Time Wouldn’t Print #TIMEapologize #TIMEfail and TIME Magazine Attacks America’s Teachers: Write a Letter to TIME and @TIME Gets Tenure Wrong, Part I: It Is NOT Hard To Fire a Teacher

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3. Teach For America. How could I not again include the group (cult?) that claims to be about “civil rights”. Sending under qualified teachers to teach poor kids used to be called discrimination, but TFA has masterfully changed the conversation— they are clearly committing civil wrongs (on a 2-year temporary basis) against America’s poor children— while building the “education reform” resume for the organization. They were also voted by the readers of Cloaking Inequity as the 2012 Turkey of the Year winner. Some of the most poignant criticisms of the organization in 2014 came from TFA alums themselves. See“I felt Strange and Guilty”: Annie Tan @TeachForAmerica alum speaks and The Nation Storified: This Is What Happens When You Criticize @TeachForAmerica and To Whom does Teach For America Give Power and Influence? and Why are TFA and “reformers” perhaps the least interested in reform? and A Primer for Engaging Teach For America Supporters For all posts on TFA click here. Also, it is really annoying that the For is capitalized in TFA.


4. Charter supporters who haven’t done their homework. I have been called a charter school lover and hater in the same week. I believe I have been pragmatic on charters, praising where deserved and critiquing where necessary. See Don’t Trust Charters More than a Sweaty Used Car Salesman (A Citizen Research Template) and Is the Impact of Charters Schools on Achievement a Big Lie? and For Labor Day Weekend: Pie and/or Labor and/or #CharterPolitics and The Gem on the Hill: How to Create a Community-Based In-District Charter and Parent Horror Stories from BASIS: Corporate Charter Hurting Children? and Keep Calm and #Drink #Charter #Kool-Aid For all posts on charters click here.

and finally,

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 10.26.08 PM 5. Arne Duncan. For being absolutely incompetent. Need I say more? See Arne Duncan Hails Vergara Decision and Uncovering Lies and Damn Lies in Arne Duncan’s Graduation Rates and Los Chistes: @ArneDuncan Explodes the Public Education “Struggle Bus” and A Top Ten of Duncan’s Inanity: Obama’s Basketball Buddy Drops Ball on Ed

Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 10.18.45 AM

Please vote below. No ballot box stuffing please. 🙂

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