New Orleans Recovery School District (RSD) Proponents Now Offer a Disclaimer

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Corporate-reform-supporting proponents of the state-run Recovery School District (RSD) in New Orleans are not known for delivering messages of “caution” regarding the success of the now-100-percent charter district.

What they have managed to do is to shape a success narrative by controlling the success message. So, I was surprised to read the following brief in Politico on April 15, 2015, regarding *cautiously* interpreting RSD *success*:

THE NOLA MODEL: PRAISED BUT UNPROVEN: New Orleans post-Katrina has often been held up, with fanfare, as a successful education experiment. “But I don’t want the national media to say that it worked,” said Mickey Landry, executive director of the Choice Foundation. “Because it didn’t 100 percent.” Mayors and governors from Nevada to Tennessee have been quick to replicate the New Orleans model of converting struggling public schools into privately run charters and giving principals unprecedented autonomy to run their own staffs, budgets and curricula…

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