Al Jazeera includes silenced ed reform perspectives @AJStream 

I was previously impressed that Al Jazeera took on Teach For America. Now they are taking on education “reformers” again in NOLA— by including silenced perspectives community perspectives on education reform on their show AJ Stream— especially from folks of color.

@AJStream is a really interesting mix of studio, Twitter, video clips, and online distance guests. It’s a great format, very engaging. I think MSNBC, CNN etc. should give it a go. Al Jazeera reached out yesterday and asked me to film a 30 second clip for the innovative program.

I was honored to make the cameo appearance with Dr. Raynard SandersKaren Harper Royal et al. to discuss Deconstructing New Orleans’ reconstruction”

My comment focused on  and the facade that is the Recovery School District “success.” See my short YouTube clip cued up below.

Also watch the entire program below. I think the varied format and critical content is more interesting than 97% of what’s on NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC (I won’t even mention FoxNews) these days.

The mainstream media is clearly not covering the counter narrative discussed. The recent New York Times piece Opinion: The Myth of the New Orleans School Makeover caused a bunch of ruckus because the education reformers and TFA get VERY FRIENDLY treatment in the media.

Not such friendly treatment on Al Jazeera. Bravo!!

See also “Slave” market education reform in NOLA?, a Storify of information about education reform in NOLA from local stakeholders and others from across the nation that were represented at the Ten-Year Community-Centered New Orleans Education Research Conference.

Oh, also read LA and the Recovery School District approach (SB1718): A P.T. Barnum Circus

Wait, one more thing… this happened on Twitter yesterday too…

Teaser alert: The Network for Public Education will be releasing a NOLA education reform brief in the very near future..

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