Is @BetsyDevos qualified to be US Secretary of Education?

I have collected a variety of media sources covering the hearing of Betsy DeVos for US Secretary of Education. Is she qualified? I’ll begin with source material from the hearing. Then, I will include some of the critiques of her answers— including my conversation on yesterday’s Jeff Santos Show.

First, Kaine v. DeVos

Translation: Charters and private schools can have less accountability than public schools?

Franken v. DeVos

Translation: This is a distinction that Betsy should be well aware of… but isn’t.

Murphy v. DeVos

Translation: Grizzlies!?

Warren v. DeVos

Translation: For-profit universities like the Corinthians colleges and Trump University have been highly problematic for taxpayers and those who “chose” them.

Bernie v. DeVos

Translation: Yes, the millions got you here.

Now for some of the critiques.

and finally,

For more on DeVos, Trump and Education. Click the link the tweet below.

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