Will Texas be the first for African American studies?

Public comments for statewide adoption of African American Studies will be Wednesday, November 13th.  I encourage anyone with interest in the course to speak before our Board on the importance of adoption and maintaining factual integrity.  The curriculum framework can be found here https://www.ginatxsboe1.com/aas.html
Public comments will be considered during the First Reading in January 2020 and Second Reading in April 2020, so please be sure to leave a one-pager and contact information.
You will need to know the specific item number, date, and committee.  The window for registration is Friday, 11/8 at 8am to Monday 11/11 at 5pm Each individual will need to register themselves, and there are no limits to how many individuals can register to speak.
I’m truly thankful for your advocacy.
Educationally yours, 
Aicha Davis

Find out more at The Purple Apple by GEORGINA CECILIA PÉREZ
— Read on www.ginatxsboe1.com/purpleapple/african-american-studies-is-on-the-november-agenda

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