Debating statewide African American studies course LIVE in Texas

Watch the Texas State Board of Education debate about statewide African American studies course LIVE right now:

Also see prior post Will Texas be the first for African American studies?

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  • JULIAN. I opened this article to find an ovversized advertisemet by The Legacy Group and Jeff Brown. WHile I vomtied in my mouth throughout the beginning of the video, I quikcly found that it would not allow me to fast forward through his sales pitch and support of the current ignoramus, racist, divisive, and incompetent POTUS. I was further appalled by his shameless promotion of tech stocks before and after the 2020 elections, all dependent on Trump’s agenda. How can you support this man and then attack the billionaires who, not in all cases, are trying to support education. Isn’t this contrary to what you talked about in the March16 You tube presentation. I am so confused and alarmed. Please help me understand your reaosoning?


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