Wanted: Chapters About No Excuses Charters

Much has been written about “No Excuses” charter schools and their deleterious impacts on student of color (See for example Colonizing the Black Natives). Amber Kim is leading a groundbreaking new book project entitled,  Inexcusable: Contemporary Counter-Narratives that Expose the “New Face” of No Excuses Schools. You may remember Dr. Kim from the Diane Ravitch episode of Truth for America podcast.

Here’s the link to the call for chapter proposals and the questions the book seeks to address.

  1. Were you associated with a high-compliance school that promised a rigorous education and college acceptance but demanded compliance, obedience, and silence?
  2. Did you find yourself at odds with the methods, policies, curriculum, and/or testing?
  3. Do you feel like your experience and concerns were unwelcome, shamed, discredited, or silenced?
  4. Do you feel a need to describe your lived experiences in writing or in art?

Amber Kim has an extensive background studying and critiquing “No Excuses” charters. She writes,

We want you to propose a chapter! We are collecting counter-narratives that expose the rougher side of high-compliance schooling, the side that is often hidden from the public and we need authors who are present/former students, educators, or family members of high compliance, “No Excuses” schools to tell their stories. in writing or another art form. No writing experience necessary! No minimum length. You only need first hand experience in No-Excuses-like schools.

By publishing a collection of counter-narratives validation and healing can take place for those impacted by NES. Additionally, people who are considering creating, attending, promoting, and/or working in No Excuses schools will have access to a fuller truth about them and their costs to students, staff, and families. This volume unmasks the new face of NES, exposing its existence, methods, and impacts. Knowing the  contemporary face of NES allows for accountability, repair, and systemic solutions.

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