International March of Living: Solidarity and Remembrance with my Jewish Brothers and Sisters

I was honored to be asked by Professor David Machlis to join the College of Education Deans’ mission to Poland for the annual International March of the Living to visit historically significant holocaust sites with survivors and citizens from around the world in April of 2020. The march is at the same time as the American Educational Research Association (AERA) conference. I have only missed the AERA conference once in the last 18 years, but this year I will not be attending because of this important solidarity and remembrance with my Jewish brothers and sisters.

A major theme of The International March of The Living  is human rights and they believe that “education is a tool to prevent violent extremism… and the world is witnessing a rise in anti-Semitic attacks worldwide.”

In response, the organizers are scheduling an international live streamed broadcast from Auschwitz sponsored by The Miller Center for Community Protection and Resilience at Rutgers University on April 20th at 5 pm Poland time. The passing of survivors and the increase in anti-Semitism make this all the more important.

Here is the link to a full description of the program.

The program, sponsored by the Miller Center at Rutgers University will run for 75 minutes. The program so far includes

  • John Allen- Retired 4 star General and current President of Brookings Institute. General Allen is a great speaker and has done extensive research on protecting religious communities worldwide.
  • Irving Roth – A very articulate survivor of Auschwitz who lectures regularly to college students.
  • Abe Foxman – A child survivor who was the head of the Anti-Defamation League.

There will be student involvement, photos depicting life in Auschwitz, statements from famous participants on the March and from world leaders, and several European Heads of State. In the audience will be university deans and Chiefs of Police in uniform, led by Commissioner Ray Kelly.

They also anticipate TV coverage in approximately 30 major cities with a total viewing population of 70 million. As the program becomes more formalized I will post updates here at Cloaking Inequity. If you have any further questions please contact Dr. Wallace Greene at

I also plan to live stream from the International March of the Living in Poland here at Cloaking Inequity.

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