Monthly Archives: June 2020

Diane Ravitch in conversation with Julian Vasquez Heilig

Last night I had a chance to sit down with Diane Ravitch on Zoom and discuss what should be next for the US public education system. Please Facebook Like, Tweet, etc below and/or reblog to share this discussion with others. Check out and follow my YouTube channel here. Twitter: @ProfessorJVH Click here for Vitae.

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Biden’s U.S. Secretary of Education shortlist?

It’s a honor to even be mentioned on @8BlackHands1 list for US Secretary of Education. The @UKCollegeofEd community of 2,500 students, 200 faculty and 150 staff & tens of thousands of alumni endeavor everyday to serve our community, the Commonwealth of Kentucky and beyond! My vote now and always will be for my Stanford mentor Linda Darling-Hammond. Please Facebook Like, Tweet,

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BREAKING NEWS: New Study finds online charters perform POORLY

The University of Kentucky College of Education has some breaking news. A new study by one of our faculty members finds that online charters perform poorly— suggesting problematic implications for critics of public education that have been calling for expansion of online charter schools in the midst of COVID19. Here’s our press release: Online schooling quickly became the new normal

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