National Town Hall on Suspending High Stakes Student Testing

Register now – National Town Hall on Suspending High Stakes Student Testing on 1/26 at 6 p.m. EST w/ Congressman Jamaal Bowman , Dean Julian Vasquez Heilig , Professor Jack Schneider and many more. MC’d by Bob Schaeffer of FairTest and @ilana4regent – register for free here.

See all of Cloaking Inequity posts about high-stakes testing here.

There is much more work to do, and no doubt, there will be more challenges ahead, but I am convinced that we will refuse to allow adversity to stop us from pressing forward and making an unmistakable and lasting impact.

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  • I’m very excited to join the Town Hall tonight. Thank you all for bringing attention to this issue.


  • This is a year we should be spending the time making sure our students and teachers are okay and using that time to teach and not to test! The students and teachers schedules have changed over and over , students and teachers are being quarantined- we went back in part to take care of the ” emotional well being ” of our students. Where does high stakes testing fit in that ??? In addition, we have no scores from last year to compare to and new standards next year so again no comparison data. There is no point in high stakes testing this year!


  • Kimberly Williams

    As a teacher in Miami we had had 1000’s of covid cases teachers and students have to leave the classroom to be quarantined and start virtually this is a disruption to the learning environment therefore I believe it hinders learning therefore we should canceled state testing it is unfair to the students and teachers.


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