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Please Vote for “Hurricane Lessons” ASAP

Netroots Nation lets folks vote on which panels to present at the conference and ours is in the selection. You can log in and vote here: https://www.netrootsnation.org/netroots-nation-2018-panel-voting/ Search for “Hurricane Lessons.” Here is our proposed panel description for Netroots Nation 2018 HURRICANE LESSONS: WHAT WE’VE LEARNED FROM POST-KATRINA DISASTER CAPITALISM IN NOLA SCHOOLS Following Hurricane Katrina, the state of Louisiana

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Will @ShavarJeffries chicken out?

There have been many many developments recently in the school choice (privatization of public schools) front. In the midst of it all, Shavar Jefferies, President of Democrats for Education Reform, said the following to me on Twitter: true democracy is parent choice. Black families know better than politicians what's best for kids — Shavar Jeffries (@shavarjeffries) August 8, 2016 How

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