Inputs and student achievement: An analysis of Latina/o-serving urban elementary schools

Vasquez Heilig, J., Williams, A. & Jez, S. (2010). Inputs and student achievement: An analysis of Latina/o-serving urban elementary schoolsAssociation of Mexican American Educators Journal10(1), 48-58.

Considering the continuing challenge of the Latina/o achievement gap, an analysis to understand the relationship between key inputs and Latino/a student achievement is important. The purpose of this research was to better understand the association between financial resources, student demographics, school capacity, and student achievement in majority Latina/o schools. This study breaks new ground by focusing on urban Latina/o majority elementary schools to understand student achievement in relation to inputs. The authors examined trends in student performance while investigating inputs identified in previous studies: teacher quality, school expenditures, and student demographics. They conducted generalized least squares (GLS) regression “change” models (which measure the growth) to understand the relationship between inputs and reading and math achievement in urban elementary schools. The GLS regressions show an influx of White students and bilingual learners have positive and negative associations, respectively, with reading scores. There was no significant association with changes in student populations and math scores. This finding suggests that policy makers and district and school staff should be mindful and proactively develop strategies to address possible shortfalls in reading achievement as student populations change in Latina/o urban schools.


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  • When you juxtapose social promotion with testing mania, the only rational explanation for student success without basic skill sets is the systematic fixing of assessments all over the country. NYC, Atlanta, Huston, D.C., and a few others are known, but the same fix also exists at the Los Angeles Unified School Distict (LAUSD), the second largest district in the country, and many many more like it, where predominantly poor and students of color are the continuing victims of a system that is presently significantly more segregated than before Brown vs. Board of Education 58 years ago.

    Any teacher who doesn’t go along with the fraud is targeted for removal in a process with fabricated charges and no due process that has seen 300,000 teachers gone from the profession in the last few years and many others retiring early, because they can read the writing on the wall.

    What is really at stake is the survival of this country as a putative democracy, which cannot take place without a highly educated citizenry in which our Founding Fathers vested power under the constitution. This purposefully dumbed down public education system not only gives the corporate plutocracy a docile electorate, it also privatizes the $500 billion a year public ed biz- think credit default swaps and sub prime for comparable scam.

    At I have tried to address this reality with close to 500 posts, the substance of which never sees the light of day in either the mainstream media or public media. I am trying to work with the Pacifica Foundation through one of its five station KPFK in L.A. to discuss what is going on in public education around this country that never see the light of day in mainstream media. I am also trying litigation, but feel that the morons who presently run public education could not have succeeded with what they have been doing unless the state and federal judiciary and politicians at both the state and federal level from both political parties cleared the way.

    Be in touch.



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