Let’s Celebrate!!! Tuesday July 29 at Abel’s on the Lake in Austin

It’s official. I signed the paperwork yesterday here in Sacramento. See also A Move to SacTown in Song, This time it’s for REAL: A Playlist My resignation from UT-Austin will be effective on August 31, 2014.

But there will be a party!!!!!!!!!!

Location: Abel’s on the Lake 3825 Lake Austin Blvd, Austin, TX 78703 (512) 904-0570

I am looking forward to joining the faculty at California State University Sacramento as a tenured full Professor and the Director of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies. The faculty and students at UT-Austin made it a wonderful place to begin a career. I wish it could have been forever.

Go Hornets!


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  • Dr. Heilig.  Best to you and continued Blessings of each and every undertaking and pursuit.  Thanks for your ‘help’ per Dallas Home Rule.  I will continue vigilance per the matter.

    I am running for Dallas City Council D-3 for May, 2015 elections.  A victory will enable me to not only be vigilant, but use the influence of the council position to do even more, and on a grander scale.

    Thank you, and God Speed Joe Tave Dallas, Texas


  • I want to wish you every success in your new academic home!


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