Tide Turning Against @TeachForAmerica?: Does Popular=Good

Is everything that is popular good? or good for you? Today’s Twitter blast includes the locations where @TeachForAmerica funding has recently been cut and/or they’ve been kicked out. Burgers, fries, chips. lard, donuts, meth etc. are all very popular, but not so good for you.

@TeachforAmerica has recently said they are reforming and reporters are jumping on the bandwagon. They even have some bloggers applauding their diversity push. However, as Katie Osgood argues, the core of their “reform” remains the same for the vast majority of their recruits. Which is: We will parachute in after five weeks of training in the summer for two years in the classroom and then leave for greener pastures in education or otherwise. This approach is only good enough for poor kids. I get that @TeachforAmerica has its tentacles into the U.S. Congress, colleges of education (i.e. Arizona State, Washington etc), politicians (their kids were or are TFAers) etc. but….

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    I have never been a fan of Teacher for America although I have never questioned Wendy Kopp’s good intentions in creating the concept as a graduate student years ago. It has nothing to do with providing high quality teachers for the long term, however, and unfortunately for reformers like her, longer term solutions are what we need…not short term fixes.


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