Top 10 Education Questions for 2016 Presidential Candidates

Here are my Top 10 education questions for the 2016 Presidential Candidates:

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  • Please ask Governor Christie,
    NJ residents like to know;Governor Christie experience with NJ citizens is indicative of the type of “listening” he would be doing for the American public if he were in the White House. As an example, polls indicate that 93 percent of NJ residents oppose the bear hunt, and yet he allowed it to go forward, to pay back campaign donors, including the hunting lobby and real estate developers. Christie, will you continue this policy– a focus on lobbyists and donors as opposed to the will of the people?
    Thank you


  • Please ask Governor Christie a question : Why did he ignore 93+% of the public comments opposing the NJ Black Bear hunt? Why did he ignore 31 ELECTED legislators who wrote letters opposing the hunt? Why was 1 person, APPOINTED by him, allowed to sign the death warrant for hundreds of innocent creatures and why has this slaughter been extended 4 more days? “We the People” of NJ are as voiceless as our wildlife. Can someone with power ask cc if he ignores 93+% of New Jersey, how can we trust him to listen to the people of America? He is beholden to his special interest donors and NJ hates him.


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