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All Hail King?: We Act Radio @EdTownHall

Today on the B.U.S. Thursday program LIVE on We Act Radio Education Town Hall we discussed the bare inequality facing US children, NPE’s recent national report card which is sparking national discussion and John King’s Secretary of Education confirmation hearing. B= Badass Teachers U= United Opt Out S= Save our Schools The Education Town Hall with Thomas Byrd is the premiere Live Wire show on We

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Truth For America— Alums Reflect on @TeachForAmerica 25th Anniversary Ep3

Truth For America is a podcast that provides voice to educators, parents, students and other stakeholders about Teach For America.  Episode 3 is co-hosted by Dr. Julian Vasquez Heilig and Jameson Brewer. They are joined by Amber, Leah and Gary, three TFA alums. They reflect on their experiences with TFA and the 25th Anniversary event recently held in Washington D.C.

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Why Most State Education Report Cards are Like Cookies Without the Sugar

Once when I was in high school, a friend handed me a plate of chocolate chip cookies. They looked delicious! But just as I was about to eat one, she snatched them back. They looked great on the outside, she told me, but they tasted terrible.  She had left out a key ingredient—sugar. This story is exactly how I think

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School Discipline: Equity at Issue

Extensive peer-reviewed research has demonstrated that students with frequent suspensions are more likely to become involved in gangs, drop out of school and become part of the juvenile justice system. Years of suspicions about inequity in school discipline have also been investigated by a spate of reports. One by the UCLA Civil Rights project in 2011 revealed that in 2006, 28 percent of

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