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New Study: Are Charters beacons of opportunity for Special Needs Students?

The extent to which special student populations (ELL, Special Education and Economically Disadvantaged) gain access to charter schools is understudied. The new study Separate and Unequal?: The Problematic Segregation of Special Populations in Charter Schools Relative to Traditional Public Schools utilizes state, district, and local level data to understand the enrollment of high-need special populations in charter schools compared with non-charter public schools. Vasquez

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Alert: @NAACP formally opposing @BetsyDeVos

During School Choice Week a white Texas governor tried to convince the public that school choice, including school vouchers, are civil rights. However, the nation’s oldest and largest civil rights organizations appears to disagree with that premise by formally opposing Betsy DeVos, the school choice queen, for US Secretary of Education. (For more on Betsy DeVos click here). It was kind of cool that @NAACP

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Phi Delta Kappan: Do Charter schools serve black children well?

The nation’s largest civil rights organization steps up its opposition to charter schools just as a president and new education secretary appear ready to kick the sector into high gear. This article appeared here at Phi Delta Kappan. by Joan Richardson AN INTERVIEW WITH JULIAN VASQUEZ HEILIG KAPPAN: What’s your perspective on what led the NAACP to conclude that a

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Is @BetsyDevos qualified to be US Secretary of Education?

I have collected a variety of media sources covering the hearing of Betsy DeVos for US Secretary of Education. Is she qualified? I’ll begin with source material from the hearing. Then, I will include some of the critiques of her answers— including my conversation on yesterday’s Jeff Santos Show. First, Kaine v. DeVos Betsy DeVos and Tim Kaine spar on

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Betsy DeVos: What to watch for in her confirmation

This afternoon, Tuesday, January 17, Betsy DeVos is scheduled to appear before the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) for her confirmation hearing to become the eleventh U.S. Secretary of Education.  The hearing will be chaired by Senator Lamar Alexander, Chair of HELP, and a former Secretary of Education under President George H.W. Bush.  On the Democratic side of the

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