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With Charter Schools, A Step Back to Segregation

Considering the rapid growth of charter schools, it’s important for the public conversations about school choice to distinguish fact from rhetoric and sloganeering. For instance, proponents of charter schools, such as Success Academy CEO Eva Moskowitz, claim charter schools advance racial integration of children and give parents options for “voluntary integration.” Is this true? More than sixty years ago, the U.S. Supreme

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Charters and Big Boy Pants!? This ought to be interesting… #ICSS17

What makes for an interesting debate/conversation/panel about charter schools? I think the event at the upcoming Coalition of Community Charter Schools Conference in New York City #ICSS17 probably qualifies. After we completed the Intelligence Squared charter school debate (click above for NPR syndicated version), Steve Zimmerman struck up a conversation with me about having a panel about charter schools and

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Breaking News: Ethnic Studies LEGAL AGAIN in Arizona

I learned tonight from Professor Nolan Cabrera that ethnic studies supporters have prevailed in court! In 2010, Arizona Republicans passed a measure, HB 2281, that sought to ban ethnic studies programs in public schools. Specifically, the bill set out to ban courses that “are designed primarily for pupils of a particular ethnic group,” or “advocate ethnic solidarity instead of the treatment of

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Please support @NAACP Thunderclap today!

The NAACP is seeking 500 supporters for its High Quality Education Thunderclap! Will you join them today with your Facebook and/or Twitter? The Thunderclap reads: “Call for resource equity. Accountability for charters. Moratorium still warranted. #QualityEd #NAACP” Join the Thunderclap ASAP here. The purpose of their message is to highlight the NAACP TaskForce Report on Quality Education. Founded 1909, the

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