Go Teach in Brazil with Us!

Update: 4/15/18 Looks like the Brazil trip will be cancelled.

Let’s go teach in Brazil for a week!

Dr. Pia Wong, Associate Dean in the College of Education at California State University Sacramento, recently asked me if I would like to volunteer and teach in Brazil for a week in August.

I of course said yes.

The trip will be the week of August 6-10th, 2018. The purpose would be to engage with English teachers and English professors at the Federal University of Brazil in Ouro Preto. We hope to have a rather grassroots program this first year, establish an international professional learning community, and then apply for funding to support a more formal and regular exchange among educators AND their students in the future.

What are the basics? Arrive in Brazil on Sunday, August 5th. Begin the exchange program on Monday, August 6th. In the morning, we will share how we teach English – grammar, conventions, writing, literature, etc. with an emphasis on accessibility for English learners – and they will do the same. We will also share our approaches to other dimensions of teaching – student engagement, cultural relevance, etc. On some afternoons, we will visit local schools. And we will have a chance to work with their English teacher candidates. On other afternoons and all evenings, we will engage in cultural activities. Ouro Preto probably has more music and art per square inch than most places in the world, truly!

The basic costs will be:

  • Airfare (~$1,200)
  • Brazilian visa: $140
  • Lodging will be subsidized by the university at $90 for the week
  • Meals – ~$100 which will be for dinners as breakfast and lunch during the week will be provided by the host university
  • Incidentals – that will be up to you

If you are interested, we can organize an excursion to other parts of the country – for example, we could arrive early and visit Rio or Salvador and/or stay later and do the same.

The Federal University of Brazil prefers teacher educators, but will consider faculty in other roles.

If you are interested, contact Dr. Pia Wong at wongp@csus.edu

Currently we have 3 commitments and our goal is at least 6.

Read more about Ouro Preto, where the university is located; it is a UNESCO World Heritage site http://thisismyhappiness.com/2014/10/01/the-most-beautiful-city-in-brazil-ouro-preto/







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