Big Career Change: Accepting Assistant Secretary (OPE) at US Dept of Ed

I have some important news to share. I accepted an offer today to be nominated for the Assistant Secretary for Postsecondary Education (OPE) at the US Department of Education. The Assistant Secretary is assisted by a Deputy Assistant Secretary for Management and Planning and three Deputy Assistant Secretaries who have leadership and oversight responsibilities for the three major program units in OPE: Higher Education Programs (HEP)International and Foreign Language Education (IFLE); and Policy, Planning and Innovation (PPI).

The main reason that that I accept this position at the US Department of Education is that Diane Ravitch, one of my mentors, was an Assistant Secretary of Education under George H.W. Bush. She recommend this move. She see’s it as a similar pathway to hers that will ultimately empower my work as as agent for choice, testing, and accountability nationally and internationally.

Furthermore, I feel that it is my duty to serve in the current Trump administration regardless of my major differences with their policy stances on my Twitter account and everywhere else. How could you look at the vacancies at the US Department of Education and not feel a sincere desire to work with folks regardless of their 60 minutes interviews?

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 4.34.15 AM.png

What you see above is a travesty! No body wants to work with Betsy DeVos. Why can’t a billionaire catch a break? I could be the help! #IMWITHHER Actually, something else I should mention is that I recently travelled to DC to staff a US Senate hearing for Betsy DeVos (I am just explaining the photo of me behind her in case you are interested). We got along better than I thought we would. So really, I am doing a Diane Ravitch switch, just the other direction.

Also, I’ve been thinking more and more, that since Omarosa left DC for reality shows, that there is really is a paucity of Black and LatinX people in the White House (or near Trump… really). Not too long ago it was the Black House!

Friends and scuba diving buddies at the Walton Family Foundation and the Gates Foundations also recommended I accept the nomination for the US Department of Education position.Trump also offered to throw in a few rounds of stick at any of his golf clubs worldwide. So anyways, bon voyage liberal, sunny California! I think the red light cameras that give out automatic tickets will probably what I will miss the most! Also, maybe the income taxes.

So I accept, that you accept, that I will be more accepting of this acception of Assistant Secretary.

But, I’ll probably resign by April 2. Omarosa, hook me up with a reality tv gig! Or FoxNews.


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