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The Tide May Be Turning on Billionaire Backers of Charter Schools in California

For years, billionaires have donated millions to promote pro-privatization, school choice candidates in political races ranging from local school board, to state houses, to Washington, D.C. An avalanche of political donations from deep-pocketed national advocates for private-management of education—such as entrepreneur Eli Broad, the Walton family (heirs to the Walmart fortune), co-founder of the Gap retail chain Doris Fisher, and other wealthy

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Julian Vasquez Heilig on John C. Scott Show: When Will Trump go politically bankrupt?

Julian Vasquez Heilig joins talk show host John C. Scott on 1030 KVOI. We talk about Trump and the Mueller Probe, Democratic candidates for 2020 (Should it be a woman?) and much more. For more conversation in the media click here. For more political punditry click here. Please Facebook Like, Tweet, etc below and/or reblog to share this discussion with others.

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Debate: “She looks like a fried Barbie doll and acts like one too”

Did you think I was talking about someone in Donald Trump’s cabinet? Actually, I am not blogging about education reform today, but instead taking up an important topic that gets very little attention— student evaluation of professors. Two weeks ago I attend the AAERI conference in Ft. Myers Florida. The primary reason I went was because Sacramento State encourages faculty

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