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NAACP is supporting ⁦‪union‬⁩ call for charter cap in California

Glad to announce that ⁦the California NAACP⁩ is supporting ⁦United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) call for charter cap in California. Please Facebook Like, Tweet, etc below and/or reblog to share this discussion with others. Check out and follow my YouTube channel here. Twitter: @ProfessorJVH Click here for Vitae.

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The Tide May Be Turning on Billionaire Backers of Charter Schools in California

For years, billionaires have donated millions to promote pro-privatization, school choice candidates in political races ranging from local school board, to state houses, to Washington, D.C. An avalanche of political donations from deep-pocketed national advocates for private-management of education—such as entrepreneur Eli Broad, the Walton family (heirs to the Walmart fortune), co-founder of the Gap retail chain Doris Fisher, and other wealthy

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Debate: “She looks like a fried Barbie doll and acts like one too”

Did you think I was talking about someone in Donald Trump’s cabinet? Actually, I am not blogging about education reform today, but instead taking up an important topic that gets very little attention— student evaluation of professors. Two weeks ago I attend the AAERI conference in Ft. Myers Florida. The primary reason I went was because Sacramento State encourages faculty

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