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Enroll in Workshop to Help Communities Address Critical Social Issues

Register now to enroll in a summer workshop offered by University of Kentucky College of Education’s Kayla Johnson, an assistant professor who focuses on working within communities to help address key issues impacting them. Complete the workshop to earn a digital badge from the UK College of Education.  Open to anyone (professionals, community members and students), Johnson’s workshop is geared toward those interested in working

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The Confederacy: You have a choice

Reblogged from Jim Golden, an AP US History teacher: If you are confused as to why so many Americans are defending the confederate flag, monuments, and statues right now, I put together a quick Q&A, with questions from a hypothetical person with misconceptions and answers from my perspective as an AP U.S. History Teacher: Q: What did the Confederacy stand

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NAACP Education and Civil Rights Initiative’s Critical Race Theory Webinar

Before all the Critical Race Theory (CRT) state legislative filings, the NAACP Education and Civil Rights Initiative at the University of Kentucky College of Education held a webinar on CRT and Ethnic Studies back in April. The webinar featured appearances from Lynn, Matias, Vincent, Martinez and others… Check it out here: Wouldn’t it be great if you could edit

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Texas now wants to cancel MLK’s “I have a dream” speech and “Letter from Birmingham jail”

So it has come to this. The Texas Senate is proposing cancelling MLK’s “I have a dream speech” and “Letter from the Birmingham jail.” Here are a couple of Tweets about their newest frenzy. This blog solely represents my academic freedom, First amendment free speech and other personal views. It does not represent the perspectives of any other entity of

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Growing the Education Profession by Telling the Right Story

Julian Vasquez Heilig (AB ’97, AM ’99) reflects on his journey, inspired by SOE faculty, from U-M undergraduate to Dean of the University of Kentucky College of Education. See the original story on the University of Michigan website here. Julian Vasquez Heilig was not quite sure what career prospects a master’s degree in higher education would afford him, but he

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