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Charters and Access: Here is Evidence

So you might have had a chance to hear what charter proponents (lobbyist, talking heads etc) think about Hillary Clinton’s recent comments (See A WOW from @HillaryClinton on Charter Schools) on charters schools (i.e. Dear Hillary, Here’s where you’re wrong on charter schools: Column and Clinton’s Charter School Exaggeration). The Hillary campaign recently responded to these critics (See Yes, Hillary Clinton supports charter schools. She also supports equity and inclusion) Hillary’s

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Education Health ALERT!: United Nations warns GERMs spreading worldwide #NN15

The world is experiencing the spread of privatizing GERMs (Global Education Reform Movements). School “reformers” are pressing a variety of “school choice” and “market-based” policies that move the control of schools from democratic control to private control. Market-based approaches such as vouchers, charters, and parent trigger take the control of schools out of the hands of democratically elected governmental officials

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Storified: @NALEO features Clinton, Sanders and Castro et al. on Education #NALEOconf15

What do you think politicians are telling Latinos about education these days? I recently had the opportunity to hear the thinking of Sec. Hillary Clinton, Sen. Bernie Sanders, Sec. Julian Castro, Dr. Ben Carson and others LIVE at the 2015 NALEO conference in Las Vegas. I attended to discuss educational policy and share research with attendees and to gauge their

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